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You certainly hear and read a lot about the energy efficiency benefits related with LED lights over traditional lighting. When you compare them to other energy saving lighting methods available today, you will find that the benefits of LED lights are far more for both personal and business use compared to traditional lights that we have been using for decades now. 


LED technology’s features have the potential to change the way we brighten our lives by lowering the cost of electricity and overall energy use. In this article, we have picked 6 impeccable benefits of LED lighting that beat traditional lighting systems.

Better life span
LED lights have better life span

Better lifespan:

It goes without saying that LED lights have a better lifespan compared to traditional lights that we use in our day to day lives. When compared to the average traditional bulbs, the lifespan of an LED light is far superior. The average incandescent light bulb has a lifespan of about a thousand hours. An average LED light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Its life may be as long as 100,000 hours depending on how you use it. 


More energy efficient: 

We all are exhausted from paying thousands and thousands in electricity bills and want a quick fix to save money on electricity. This is where one of the main benefits of LED lights comes in. LED lights require less energy for each unit of power, resulting in less energy usage.

less bills with LED
Less electricity bill with LED

Great color rendering index (CRI): 

Color rendering index or CRI is a measurement of a light’s ability to reveal the actual color of an object. LEDs have a higher CRI measurement compared to traditional bulbs. So one of the major benefits of LED lights has to be its CRI measurement.


Can function in any temperature: 

Traditional lighting sources do not like being exposed to cold temperatures. When the temperature drops, lighting sources, particularly fluorescent lamps, require a higher voltage to start and their light intensity decreases. LED lights, on the other hand, outperform in cold temperatures as well. At 48°C or 120°F, LED’s still maintain around 90% of their light output. As a result, LED lights are a better choice for lighting in freezers, meat lockers, and cold storage areas.


Any temperature LED
LED lights can perform in any temperature


LED bulbs are environmentally friendly for reasons other than their energy efficiency. The bulbs eliminate toxic components found in other bulbs, such as mercury. This helps the environment both during and after production. When traditional mercury-containing light bulbs are discarded, they end up polluting the environment. Eco-friendly  LED bulbs can be a great new addition to your home.


Benefits of LED lights are far too many for you to still use traditional lights. So are you ready to switch over to LED lights? You gain many benefits, both financial, environmental, and style. So what are you waiting for? Switch to the LED lights today!

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