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With almost 4.57 billion (59% of the total global population) global internet users, it is nearly impossible to neglect the fact that businesses and services based on online platforms are the future. In that regard, some might even argue that we are already living in the future. People do all sorts of things online, from gaming, entertainment, banking, shopping, connecting with friends and family to finding information, there seems to be no end of things. However, if we focus on the finding information aspect of the internet in relation to the real estate sector, we will see some pretty interesting facts.

Every time during a home-buying process a significant number of people first go online for any kind of information. A study conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that 87% of people use the internet as an information resource in the US alone. The global scenario including Bangladesh is no different either. It is following the same footsteps by taking many aspects of its real estate online. But that also gives rise to another question: what are the benefits of an online real estate portal and how it can help property dealers?

For Developers

Bproperty developer listings
For development agencies an array of services are there to facilitate the needs

Even before construction begins, developers need to reach out to home seekers to make a sale. So how do they do that? In the past, they had to rely only on TVCs, billboards, newspapers, and other media platforms. But now, digital marketing has also been added to the arsenal. But some real estate developers still fall short in the face of fierce competition. Now let’s bring an online real estate portal into the scenario.

When it comes to an online real estate portal, not only are we introducing functionalities, we are also introducing a unified system to the overall real estate landscape. A fully-fledged online real estate portal can facilitate a real estate development agency with an array of services from brand and project marketing to finding the right customers for their projects. Everything on an online real estate portal is nicely segmented and neatly organized. And development agencies can take advantage of these to reach a broader audience without having to worry about the competition and marketing. For example, location-based marketing and listings can cater to the needs of customers with specific requirements in a particular area. 

One of the most significant benefits of an online real estate portal is its ability to introduce new functionality to meld with the ongoing trends. Besides, there are plenty of opportunities to be exposed to potential customers as there tends to be a lot of fairs and events organized by such online real estate portals.

For individual home seller

Bproperty house listings
Any individual home seller can easily list their property on Bproperty

One of the major benefits of an online real estate portal is to ease the process of finding, buying, or selling a property. Be you a building owner or an individual who just wants to sell his/her house or apartment, an online real estate portal can help you make that happen. Since it is a portal and you can list your property for free, people can find your home with just a few clicks of a button.

On top of that, with live marketing, various online campaigns, and other re-marketing facilities, there is no need to worry about getting proper exposure. For a property to be sold, one just needs to register to an online real estate portal and list their property. The rest will be carried out by a team of specialized professionals who are highly efficient at what they do. 

For home-buyers?

Map-based search
New map-based search can show you nearby key establishments

For home-buyers, it’s all about maximizing efficiency and minimizing effort when it comes to finding the perfect home. And to meet that requirement, a well thought out online real estate portal can facilitate you with a string of real estate services. Adding to the benefits of an online real estate portal, it also provides many features to ease the process of finding the right property. With a map-based search, potential customers can get a clear picture of the area where the property is located. This also allows them to find nearby hospitals, roads, malls, theatres, schools, parks, ATMs, and so on.

Not only that, one can also get an idea about the distance and travel time to the closest key establishments such as banks, bus stops, and airports. Virtual property tours are also a great feature that allow viewers to take a 360-degree virtual tour of the property without having to leave home.

Gone are the days when people used to go out exhausting themselves in search of a suitable home. Now with online real estate portals like Bproperty, you are just a couple of clicks away from finding your perfect home. What is more, you will also get all sorts of solutions for all your property needs ranging from legal advice to property verification for absolutely free. So if you are a developer or an individual with properties to sell or someone searching for a house or planning to buy one, just head to and try it yourself.

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