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Looking for a house to rent in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, is nothing less than a nightmare. People spend months in search of their desired accommodations and only if they get lucky, do they get the home that they were actually looking for within a short period of time. Point is, the process of looking for a new house is exhausting, both physically and mentally. Needless to say, it is also time-consuming.

Up until recently, people were oblivious as to how to handle this problem. But thanks to Bproperty, Bangladesh’s largest one-stop solutions provider for all things real estate, people can now buy, sell, and rent property online. While a real estate marketplace such as Bproperty can help you with an array of property-related services, today we will focus on the benefits of renting from online marketplace.

Minimum Hassle

We all know how hectic it is to find a house in megacities like Dhaka. It is not that you will start finding places right away as you step outside. Even if you do, you have to inspect everything from the bathroom to the kitchen by yourself and then check whether the rent exceeds your budget or not. And then you have to repeat this process until you find a place that meets all your expectations. Besides, moving between areas, you can guess how terrible it can get with all the traffic nowadays. However, with an online real estate marketplace such as Bproperty, you won’t face any of that. You can access thousands of listings from across Bangladesh from the comforts of your home. To make it more convenient, along with photos, a 360° virtual tour is also available.

Maximum Efficiency

With minimum hassle comes maximum efficiency. Think about all the time you can save by using an online marketplace. You can cover multiple areas at once and search for a home in the most efficient way possible. In Bproperty, we updates listings regularly to give you the latest information so that you get the most out of your time. You can also search for not only houses but also office space and shops in different areas simply by sitting in front of your computer or smart device. You can also collect facts regarding different aspects of an area or property. 

More Control

In an online marketplace, you get total control over your search regarding what you want. You have options to filter out your room requirements along with price, and location. You can search for an apartment, room, penthouse, duplex, plaza and so on. Bproperty gives its users a comprehensive list of facilities and amenities and a list of close conveniences like educational institutes, hospitals, and restaurants so that they can have a complete view of what they are receiving for that price.


Credibility is a major issue when it comes to anything online. One of the reasons is the subsequent negative experiences regarding online purchasing. And for real estate, it is especially so due to the bad reputation of scammers. This is why Bproperty is working relentlessly to ensure that people can trust in real estate again. For this reason, Bproperty maintains complete transparency with both sides. Be it a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant, you will always be aware of every action. Without your consent, not a single step will be taken to move forward. Besides, every listing on Bproperty is verified and inspected beforehand to ensure the highest quality.


Solid customer support is indispensable for building trust. Maintaining relationships ensure healthy business growth. This is true for every kind of business and is especially true for online services. For an online real estate marketplace like Bproperty, nurturing customers is absolutely imperative to ensuring the business’s sustainability. With Bproperty, if you need assistance anywhere while looking for a property to rent or buy, support is just a click away. Not only that, you will always be backed up by follow-up queries if there are any; ensuring a smooth experience throughout.

These are some of the reasons why renting from online marketplace is a great choice. If you want a hassle-free solution to your property related problems, an online marketplace such as Bproperty is the answer.

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