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Numerous ideas pop up in our heads when thinking of home decor, most of which are influenced by western designs. Is this an indication of excessive westernization? Then again, most of the decoration styles that scintillate the eyes are western in origin. Bengali home decor has its own flavor and magic spells. This blog is catered to those who want new ideas to craft their homes in Bengali art styles.

An inclination towards local products and attires tends to be reserved for local festivals. But, the colors of the Bengali nation can be translated beyond festivals. If this idea seems possible, but you are clueless about the know-how, this is the place that leads you to the answers. There are ways to culturally diversify your home.

The use of bamboo or jute in your furniture and utensils is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. These are not only fashionable and durable but cost-effective as well. Nothing depicts the spirit of Bengali more than the use of jute items.


Draw any design in your wall that portrays Bengali fashion in your Bengali home decor

The place for your solace in isolation is your own room, so naturally, you want it to be a reflection of yourself. Nobody wants the unsettling feeling of having their bedroom styled to someone else’s likings. So their first fodder for thought is to identify the Bengali spirit within each of us and find ways to portray that in your bedroom decor. For example, if you are a reader, you can arrange books traditionally; on the floor rather than today’s convention of having a bookshelf. Or, if you are into music, create a small jamming session place along the corners of the room, placing some Setar or Harmonium there. If you fancy, accessorize the jamming place with cushions and pillows. This is how the flavor of Bengali home decor styles can be featured.

Drawing Room

Drawing room
This is one of the minimalist designs of the drawing room

Since the drawing-room is primarily for guests, it should exude tidiness but comfort as well. Drawing room decor is possible in a minimal budget as we have already seen. Such an environment can be, hence, achieved at very low prices. How to then change the entire look of your home through drawing room decor? First, the painting of the room has a lot of scope for customization. The painting of a room can help to feel more spacious. The factors to focus on are the shades, quality, and texture of the painting. Another simple way is to hang wall mats with quotes or excerpts from your favorite artist or personality.

The effect amplifies if this can be done in the Bengali language with multi variegated colors. Some alterations in other elements of home decor like Shital Pati or jute mats can be used instead of carpets. Curtains can be altered with Bengali motif curtains. Use lamps framed with jute or place a trunk with rickshaw art on it. Furthermore, use hand-stitched local Nakshi art on clothes, sofa covers, and bedsheets. In essence, let the items in the room depict Bengali art or culture in any possible way.

Dining Room

Dining room
Keeping it plain and simple

Understandably people use their dining rooms very few times, mostly during limited meal times. So, it gets neglected the most in terms of decor. Financially speaking, it is at the bottom of the list of decor preferences. Surprisingly though,  it can be fully decorated within the humble sum of BDT5000. For dining rooms, less is more. But how so? Surely you must have heard of Terracotta. Setting up a terracotta wall can bring Bengali vibe in a subtle but vibrant manner.

Occupying the corners with a table and a gramophone on top of it can drastically change the look of the room. This style of decoration could be extended to the utensils as well, for example with the use of alloy and lead. The renowned village of Bhartuka is famous for their cheap aluminum and lead items. Gradually, if all the said styling can be done, it will change the appearance and aura of the room.


Decorate with plants at your veranda

The openness of the veranda offers a place to de-stress and mull over our thoughts in solitude. So the decorative interventions should be very minimal here. If you don’t have a veranda in your home, you could do the same with an attic. For attics, clay laden can be introduced. While for verandas, you may place pots and flower pots with Bengali art styles designs.

The ways to craft your residence with Bengali culture and tradition are many in number and variation. These above-stated ways are just the bare minimum and rudimentary ones of Bengali home decor. If you liked these tips and want to know about arrays of other such indigenous decorative methods, please let us know by leaving your comments below.

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