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Urban homes these days are taking on a rather distinctive look. Minimalism and Westernization has become synonymous with Modernism. Our homes today barely speak of our culture and our rich Bengali heritage. We often fail to realize that a Bengali Interior has the potential to be both modern and traditional if induced in correct doses.

In order to add that Bengali touch to your interior, you must know what the elements are that speaks ‘Bengali’. The next step is to find ways to incorporate those items in your décor. Some easy tips and tricks to achieve that Bengali vibe are stated below.

Wooden Furniture

Wood work & textures are a big part of Bengali homes. Most Bengali homes will have extra ordinary details carved into their sofas, tables and chairs. These furniture themselves are works of art. They contribute to adding a royal ambiance to the house. So, instead of those tufted headboards, go for wood crafted ones. If the heavy decorative furniture are too much for you, you can choose from simpler wood designs that suit your taste.

Nokshi Katha

Nokshi Katha can never go out of style. This is something that screams ‘Bengali’ from the top of its lungs. Bringing in a large framed Nokshi Katha to your living room wall can instantly elevate your décor to the next level. If an actual Nokishi Katha is too expensive for you, you can also find similar designs on bed sheet and cushion covers at a cheaper rate. You can buy a few Nokshi Katha styled cushion covers and frame them up on your wall. Hanging two or three of these together in a gallery wall fashion can work out great as budget friendly décor.

Rickshaw Art

Rickshaw art has made a come-back in the years, thanks to stores like ‘Finery’ and ‘Biskut Factory’ who have made rickshaw art available online. The quaint rickshaw art can now be found in all kinds of household items like drinking glasses, teapots, jewelry boxes and even phone cases. You can easily incorporate these décor pieces into your house and get that ‘Bangaliana’ atmosphere you long for. You can also get rickshaw art on a canvas and display it like any other piece of precious painting.


The lost art of terracotta is a delight in itself. You can take a trip to Sahabagh to get a range of different terracotta items on a budget. Other than that, Aarong, Anajan’s, and Jatra also have a variety of terracotta decors for your home. If you are willing to splurge, you can decorate one entire living room wall with terracotta artwork. But for a more economical option, you can buy single decorative pieces like colorful terracotta masks, sculptures, terracotta framed mirrors, large vases, lamps, pots, candle holders, wind-chimes and so much more. A thoughtful arrangement of these items will amp up your home with very little effort.

There is so much in our culture that needs to be celebrated and exhibited to the world. We mentioned only a handful from the pool of Bengali statement pieces that surrounds us. To get that ‘Bengali’ touch, all you have to do is get creative and think of ways to introduce them into your home.

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