Buying a house requires detailed thoughts and precision calculations. After all, a home is not just a safe haven, it defines your taste and your personality. Unless and until there is a perfect match, you cannot be too sure about the purchase decision. From thousands of properties In Dhaka, it can be arduous to locate the desired flat at the right location. While you browse through the list of choices, how about taking a look below at some of the best apartments in Dhaka? Bproperty knows about your impeccable choices and standards. That's why every month we handpick some of the finest estates at some great locations. Who knows, maybe you will come across the right property for sale!

2,175 Sq. Ft. Apartment On Banani Road 13

What can be a better location when all your necessities are just around the block. You name it and there is a good chance that Banani has it. From popular groceries to shopping malls, educational institutions to hospitals, serene parks to mouthwatering popular restaurants and coffee shops, almost everything you can imagine is already in Banani.

Just a few steps away from iconic Banani road 11, Bproperty offers a 3 bedroom property for sale. Constructed by one of the eminent developers to be one of the best apartments, this spacious 2,175 sq.ft flat is available at the moment. The moment you step inside it, your heart will be content. Each and every room of the property is naturally lit and well ventilated. The gorgeous finishing on the floors gives the home an elegant touch. Attached bathrooms, a spacious dining and living space, and a tiled kitchen take luxury to a whole new level.

banani property for sale
Live within the tranquil in banani apartment like this one

Massive 2,450 Sq. Ft. Flat At Banani Road 12

Maybe you would prefer a much quieter place? Nestled in greenery, this 2,450 sq.ft Banani property for sale will melt your heart. A tunnel of trees will lead you to this fine home as if every day is a breakaway from the monotonous city hustle. With newly constructed roads and footpaths in front of the building, every ride home will be as smooth as ever.

Inside the flat, there are 4 large bedrooms with 4 baths. For a medium-size family, this flat will feel like a luxury palace, as expected from one of the best apartments. Spacious and proportionate rooms, decorated kitchen and bathrooms with a capacious living space ensures the right value for your investment. The stretched balconies on the sides with a magnificent view of the neighborhood is just the perfect place to sip a hot cup of coffee. The meticulous floor plan of the apartment assures maximum utilization of space, keeping necessary open spaces. Plus, it also adds a decorative sensation to this modern apartment.

One of the best apartments of Banani
One of the best perks living in this apartment is the nearby food places

2,340 Sq. Ft. Home Near Kemal Ataturk Avenue

When accessibility is a concern, you must be looking for an apartment which is close to main roads, yet peaceful enough for a home. If you are, then consider looking at this magnificent property for sale at Banani road 21.

The first thing to notice about the estate is the brilliant architecture. Without a doubt, this building attracts a countless number of eyes. A hint of glam and a touch of contemporary design mixed beautifully on this modern flat. Just as the exterior, beauty prevails on the interior too. This 2,340 sq.ft. Banani apartment consists of 3 beds and baths. Exquisite materials on the floors, kitchen, and bathrooms add an opulent vibe to make it one of the best apartments. Unlike most other apartments, this one comes with few common facilities such as a grand lobby, conference hall and a prayer room. Clearly, the developers know how to please their prospective customer.

banani property for sale
Although the apartment is just beside the main road, you will be amazed how serene the place is

How About A 2,500 Sq. Ft. Gulshan Apartment?

Even though Banani and Gulshan are two adjacent posh areas of Dhaka, each has their unique flavor to it. Neither of the places lacks any means of facilities yet a fine line exists between them. While Banani is more friendly and welcoming, Gulshan is rather preserved and elegant; both of them, however, has some of the best apartments in the city. Where Banani is home to trendy restaurants, Gulshan is a fine mix of residences and corporate offices.

Among the tranquil neighborhoods of Gulshan stands a wondrous property for sale. A few steps away from the Banani lake, Bproperty manages a 2,500 sq.ft. Gulshan apartment with numerous facilities. Designed to near perfection, this magnificent flat is something you don't come across every day. Until you step into the home, you won't be able to feel the aura of peacefulness. And, oh the view! Wait till you see it for yourself, standing in the verandas of your prospective residence.

gulshan 1 apartment
A family sized apartment at the heart of gulshan 1

2,212 Sq. Ft. Flat at Gulshan 1

Our last entry for the month is a 2,212 sq.ft apartment in Gulshan 1. Near Spectra Convention Hall, find this delectable property for sale, which is certainly worthy of your tastes. A grand entryway, 3 comfortable beds, and baths, a spacious kitchen with custom made cabinets and the finest bathroom fittings; all these speak of the quality of the apartment. Floor layout of the flat is also something that will strike you with an awe. Something that reflects all those careful plans and detailed calculations while constructing the place. Worth a visit if you have a desire for exquisite style. 

Take your time, compare and evaluate the choices before you decide to purchase an apartment. For any assistance, Bproperty is ready to serve you with solutions for any kind of property needs. Call us. You won't be disappointed.

family sized gulshan 1 apartment
For Gulshan lovers, this apartment is a must visit

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