If you need to leave your house spotless before moving to a new property or you need some professional help with cleaning your new home, you may want to consider hiring professional help. Cleaning companies can make your property shine and they’re a fantastic option for those who don’t have enough time to do it themselves. The following list includes some of the best cleaning companies in Bangladesh.


Company name, City, Phone

  1. A.K Traders Ltd., Dhaka, +88028859074
  2. Absolute Kleening Ltd., Dhaka,+8801713649238
  3. Advance Environmental Services & ENGRG PTE Ltd., Dhaka,+88028922825
  4. Aero Asia (PTE) Ltd., Dhaka,+88029568703
  5. Ananta, Dhaka,+88021915522770
  6. Armac Services Ltd., Dhaka,+88029881697
  7. Clean & Care Ltd., Dhaka,+88028128759
  8. Clean Care, Dhaka,+88027169852
  9. Cleanfast, Dhaka,+881711544344
  10. Dhaka Clean and Care, Chittagong, +8801911782464
  11. Dynamic, Dhaka,+88029344237
  12. Estate Management Services, Dhaka,+881724594413
  13. Hygiene Services, Dhaka,+8801832200441
  14. Innovative Services Ltd., Dhaka,+88028920793
  15. Interior Heights Ltd., Dhaka,+88029351848
  16. Jamsons, Dhaka,+88028615392
  17. Klean Klub, Dhaka,+8801733507309
  18. Kleen Zone, Dhaka,+881713077955
  19. Kleentek Service Ltd., Dhaka,+88029123076
  20. Logistic Team, Dhaka, +88028114253
  21. Nepcons, Dhaka, +88029130089
  22. Radiant, Dhaka, +880171520291
  23. Securex International, Dhaka, +88029123711
  24. Shagar Enterprise, Dhaka,  +88029896546
  25. ST Management Services, Dhaka, +88028915487
  26. Swift Cleaning & Pest Control Services, Chittagong, +8806662612823
  27. Techno Associates,Dhaka,+889565855
  28. Vanguard Services Ltd., Dhaka, +88028913515
  29. Western Cleaning & Maintenance Services, Dhaka,+88029133100


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