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Forgiving old grudges and paying more attention to your family members and friends are some of the things that every Muslim is advised to do during Ramadan. One of the best ways to do that is choosing gifts for your loved ones, keeping in mind their individual preferences. But when it comes to choosing a customized item, it can be hard to stick to a low budget. We have put together a gift guide for the whole family that you can easily make on your own at home.

Grass Sock Pet

For the family that loves greenery, a grass sock pet can be an ideal gift. Make one using a sock and some grass seeds. Pop some seeds into a sock, pour a few scoops of soil on top of them and tie the sock off. Use some buttons to create the face of a pet. Once you finish creating this unique toy, water it once per day so that its hair grows. You can give the pet as a gift as soon as its first hair sprouts.

Carrom Board

Use a piece of cardboard to make this board game. You can simply use old buttons as game figures. Alternatively, upcycle an old coffee table and turn into a permanent game board.

Homemade Soap

If you are looking for a gift that is unique and alternative to commercial ones, make your own soap. Once you understand the basics of how to make a bar of soap, you can improvise and make customized soap bars for every family member.

Homemade Puzzle

Playing puzzles is fun for the whole family, especially if the puzzle has the family´s picture on it. You can easily make one by stacking a piece of cardboard together with a picture and then cutting it into puzzle pieces. Try using popsicles for a more outstanding version.

Light Bulb Garland

You can’t go wrong when giving a garland as a gift, especially if it is homemade. It is a great home interior or exterior design item. Upcycle your old light bulbs to make one of your own. Color them using waterproof paint or decorate them using colorful pieces of paper. Alternatively, you can stuff old light bulbs with colorful buttons or origami masterpieces. Use a colorful string to stack the light bulbs together.

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