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With the month of May now almost over and Eid ul-Fitr less than a week away, it is high time to get your shopping done if you haven’t already. Did you get a Punjabi or Saari for yourself and your partner yet? What about gifts for the kids? Maybe, just maybe, the best gift for your family is a new home! In fairness, buying real estate in Bangladesh is a lengthy process and you can’t move into a new apartment before Eid. But what you can do is start looking for a great place to live now so that you can move into it as soon as possible. Begin your search for a new home by taking a look at the best flats of May 2019.

Wonderful 1,850 Sq. Ft. Flat in Bashundhara R/A

There are plenty of flats for sale in Bashundhara R/A that are great for living. However, what makes this property one of the best flats of May 2019 is its wonderful interior, fittings, and facilities. The building comes with a children’s playing area and a swimming pool, which is still rare among properties in Dhaka. It is a place that gives the feel of a condominium but doesn’t cost as much. In fact, for a 1,850 sq. ft. flat in Bashundhara R/A, the price is very reasonable. You’ll also get tremendous security, privacy, and facilities like 24/7 generator backup, not to mention the serene environment of Bashundhara R/A. Furthermore, the floor plan of the flat makes it feel very spacious and roomy. This can be great for anyone who’s looking for a quiet place to raise their family.

Beautiful 1,490 Sq. Ft. Flat in Shyamoli

This 3-bedroom house in Shyamoli probably has the best benefit-cost ratio among all the best flats of May 2019. This 1,490 sq. ft. flat in Shyamoli is close to some of the major hubs and exits of Dhaka. Mirpur, Mohammadpur, and Gabtoli are just a stone’s throw away from the property. You won’t ever have to worry about going far to find quality education, healthcare, or even shopping centers. As for the flat itself, it is spacious enough to accommodate your entire family. And the best thing is, you won’t have to fight over bathrooms either; there are 4 bathrooms in the apartment which is one more than the number of bedrooms. This can be a home for settling down with your family.

Cozy 1,065 Sq. Ft. Flat in Dhanmondi

There are more than a handful of reasons to live in Dhanmondi. From food to convenience to locale, it is one of the best places to live in Dhaka. Which is why we decided to add this cozy 1,065 sq. ft. flat in Dhanmondi in our list of the best flats of May 2019. However, it is not just a location that helped it make the list. It is an excellent place to begin your real estate journey that is both affordable and has everything you could want in a home. The makeup of the property allows the apartment to be filled with natural light and air all year long. And every aspect of the flat is geared towards providing residents a comfortable and wonderful life.

Luxurious 4,153 Sq. Ft. Flat in Gulshan

‘A luxurious flat in luxurious Gulshan!’ It is a sentence that we often hear. However, this particular 4,153 sq. ft. flat in Gulshan takes luxury to a new level. You’ll fall in love with the property at first sight. There are very few apartments in Dhaka that can match this property’s style, grace, and charm. A flawless interior and neatly organized wide rooms make it one of the best flats of May 2019. The tiles and fittings are of world-class quality and make every room gorgeous. It is also located in one of the more secure areas of Dhaka; the diplomatic zone of Gulshan. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in the apartment that are perfect for a family of any size.

Neat 1,205 Sq. Ft. Flat in Rampura

Rampura is one of the more up and coming areas of Dhaka in terms of the development of modern apartment buildings. People have been living in the area for a long time now. But it is only recently that more and more people are constructing high-rise modern apartments to meet the growing demand for accommodation in the area. This 1,205 sq. ft. flat in West Rampura is one such property that was recently built. It is a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment that is located near Hatirjheel in the Mahanagar Project of Rampura. This allows residents of the building to quickly move around the city using Hatirjheel and the Rampura road. The flat is neatly arranged and ready to be moved into.

There you go, the best flats of May 2019. Now June is a big month for the people of Bangladesh. Along with the Cricket World Cup 2019 and Eid ul-Fitr, there are plenty of things to do in June. Make June even bigger by making the decision of buying flat in Dhaka and moving into a wonderful home. You can check out our Property Tours YouTube channel to view other great flats. Or visit. and check out thousands of verified flats all across the city.


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