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We are still going through a terrible time. Like last year, the whole country is in lockdown again. But little by little time is coming back to its previous form. Although the whole country has stopped a little, life has not stopped. We have to move forward in pursuit of life. And we are writing about these properties for those who are thinking of changing their address even in this difficult time. Today’s properties are arranged in different areas. Maybe that’s the kind of property you were looking for. Read today’s blog to know how these properties are and find out about the best flats in May 2021!

A huge attractive duplex of 4500 sq ft adjacent to Bangladesh Medical College near Dhanmondi is up for sale.

Flats in Dhanmondi residential area are always preferred. So let’s start with a nice 4500 square foot duplex in Dhanmondi! All the work of this wonderful home is complete, now it’s just waiting for your finishing touch! You can take a look at how attractive the duplex will be as your new accommodation. It has 5 spacious bedrooms, 5 modern fitting bathrooms, a drawing room, dining room, open kitchen, and balcony with light and air. There is a carefree gas supply, electricity, and water supply system. Also, shops, super shops, grocery markets, shopping malls, etc. are there at your fingertips which will make your daily life easier and more comfortable. There is a round-the-clock supply of electricity, water, and gas. Feel free to choose this property as your new home. It is therefore one of the best flats in May 2021. 

A 1,850 sq ft tidy flat at Bashundhara R-A

Bashundhara is a favorite place for many to live. And this attractive flat 1,850 square feet is in Bashundhara R-A! All the nice fittings, high ceilings, eye-catching door design, and huge windows make this flat more valuable. This apartment is able to ensure comfortable accommodation within your means. In addition to the modern designed floor plan and quality fittings, the apartment offers 24-hour electricity, water, and gas. The apartment has 3 spacious bedrooms, 3 modern fitting bathrooms, a drawing room, dining room, kitchen, and a nice veranda to have some good time alone. It is one of the best flats in May 2021 as it is located in an area like Badda.

A nice flat of 1,425 sq ft in South Khulshi Chittagong

At present, South Khulshi is a favorite residential area for many. It is also an example of well-planned urbanization. So buying a flat here is desirable for many. That’s why this 1,425-square-foot flat in South Khulshi could be your new address! You can visit this beautiful apartment in South Khulshi which is priced at an affordable price. It has 2 spacious bedrooms, 3 modern fitting bathrooms, a drawing room, dining room, kitchen, and veranda. There is also 24-hour electricity, water, and gas supply. There are several reputed educational institutions in the area. In addition, there are department stores, markets, etc. at hand to meet the various needs of daily life. An attractive apartment in a pleasant environment can be a safe address for your dream accommodation.

A 2,650 sq. Ft. Tidy flat at Ranavola Road, Turag

At the bottom of the list of best flats in May 2021 is a 2,650 sq. Ft. tidy flat at Ranavola Road, Turag. This 5 bed and 5 bath flat in Ranavola might be your address in Dhaka city. The apartment is built in a strong and well-thought design. There are spacious bedrooms, a modern fitting bathroom, a drawing-room, a dining room, a standard fitted kitchen, and a veranda. You can create a green environment in the house by planting some trees on the veranda if you want. This apartment can be a great place to stay. The interior of this flat is also very nice and tidy.

So this was our list of the best flats in May 2021. All properties were ready for sale in May. If you want to see more attractive flats and apartments, visit Bproperty’s website now. We have thousands of verified property listings only in Dhaka city!

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