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The beauty, grace, and the smell of fresh cut flowers is something to behold. Their charm and significance, while simple, has quite an effect on the mind. Whether to give it as a gift or to decorate your home, flowers have a lot of uses. We look for beautiful flowers all year round. But with spring now truly behind us, where can you find decent flower shops in Dhaka that has beautiful fresh flowers.

Shahbag Flower Market

Shahbag Flower Market
Most people flock to Shahbag to buy flowers in Dhaka

The Shahbag Flower Market is a well-known location for having flowers for every occasion. It is particularly great for weddings or events as they require a lot of flowers for decoration purpose which the shops are capable of delivering at a reduced cost. The shops at Shahbag sell flowers both local and foreign in both retail and wholesale. Many of the flower shops in Dhaka also get their inventory from here. So if you can’t find any particular flower here, there’s a good chance you won’t find it anywhere in Bangladesh. That is why most people tend to visit the shops at the Shahbag Flower Market when looking for nice flowers.

Sygmaz Gift Shop

Flowers at Sygmaz
Sygmaz also provide flower delivery in Dhaka

Not far from Gulshan 1 circle, there’s a small gift shop that sells beautiful decorative items along with some wonderfully arranged colorful flowers. At first glance, this shop might not seem very remarkable, but what sold inside is. Sygmaz has garnered a reputation for themselves as one of the best flower shops in Dhaka that sells exotic and enchanting flowers. Most of their flowers are used for their event management activities, but they also sell them both retail and wholesale. The price of the flowers is a bit higher than those off Shahbag Flower Market, but it is still a favorite to residents of Gulshan and nearby areas.

Pushpo Nir Flower Shop

Front view of Pushpo Nir
The Pushpo Nir flower shop is located behind Westin in Gulshan 2

One of the major perks of living in Gulshan is convenience. Everything that is found in the rest of the city usually can be found within the bounds of the area; in better quality no less. The Pushpo Nir Flower Shop in Gulshan 2 is such a place. Along with Sygmaz Gift Shop, Pushpo Nir sells high-quality fresh flowers in the area. However, whereas Sygmaz specializes in weddings, Pushpo Nir Specializes in bouquets and corporate events. Many of the hotels in the area like the Westin and Lakeshore are the main customers of Pushpo Nir Flower Shop.d

Banani Flower Shops

Bannai flower shops
Exotic flowers are common in the flower shops of Banani

Similar to the Shahbag, Banani has a flower market of its own. While it might not be as large or expansive as the one in Shahbag, it is nonetheless my favorite. The flowers sold here have a certain charm to them. They tend to be more unique and eye-catchy than flowers sold in other places. A wide variety of roses and orchids are found here year-round along with many colorful flowers. One can easily spend hours taking in the beauty of these wonderful items.

Sangam Bot Tola

Uttara residents rely on the shops at Sangam Bot Tola to supply fresh flowers

Have you ever heard of Sangam Bot Tola before? If you don’t live in Uttara, then there’s a good chance you haven’t. Located between Sector 7 and Sector 13, at the edge of Rabindra Sarani is the Sangam Bot Tola. Among all the flower shops in Dhaka, it has a wide collection of beautiful flowers for sale. Uttara residents can always rely on Sangam Bot Tola to deliver exactly the kind of flower they are looking for. The prices are also less than most of the shops found throughout the city. That is because many of their flowers are grown in nearby areas and then delivered here.

Flowers are perfect for every occasion, be it happy, celebratory or mournful. We grace any and all events with the beauty and magnificence of flowers. So if you are looking for good flower shops in Dhaka, the locations mentioned here will always deliver.

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