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When it comes to hospitals in Dhaka, it can feel like there’s at least a few in every area. And to some extent, that feeling would be correct. But by no means is having medical facilities near your home a bad thing. In fact, access to vital healthcare facilities is an asset and only bolsters the value of your property. Every second counts when there’s an unfortunate incident or a condition that needs to be treated. As such, people want to buy apartments or land in areas that have numerous hospitals in proximity. So, let’s take a look at some of the areas that have the best medical facilities and the best hospitals in Dhaka.


A number of prominent medical centers in Dhaka are present in Dhanmondi
A number of prominent medical centers in Dhaka are present in Dhanmondi

We begin with one of the most popular locations to find medical centers in Dhaka; Dhanmondi. The area is well-known for having some of the best medical facilities and hospitals. From one corner of Dhanmondi to another, the entire area is full of specialized as well as general hospitals and diagnostic centers. Medical facilities such as Ibn Sina, Lab aid, Popular, and Medinova have garnered quite a reputation for themselves as top-notch healthcare providers. Patients decide on these hospitals to access their skilled doctors and advanced medical facilities. There are also numerous well-reputed specialized hospitals in Dhanmondi as well for treating cancer, cardiovascular issues and such. And it is not just those living in Dhanmondi who are patients at these medical centers. People from all over the country come to Dhanmondi to receive treatment from these places.


Many prominent hospitals in Dhaka are found in Uttara
Medical facilities in Uttara are equipped to handle almost every condition

Among all the areas in Dhaka, Uttara might be the most unique. The area is a mini-city within the capital. Its self-sufficiency and access to amenities make Uttara a highly popular place to live in. People living there can find everything they need; including high-class medical facilities. Almost every sector of Uttara is ready to tackle emergency medical situations. Dhaka Eye Hospital in sector 5, Lubana General Hospital in sector 13, Lab Aid in sector 6, and Delta Hospital in Abdullahpur are just some of the more prominent medical centers in Dhaka and the area. Aside from major medical facilities, you’ll also find diagnostic centers throughout the area. No matter which part of Uttara you live in, you are never far from exceptional healthcare.


One of the best hospitals in Dhaka for cardiovascular problems
The National Heart Foundation and Research Institute is the best place for treating cardiovascular issues

When talking about reasons to live in Mirpur, most people focus on affordability, connectivity, and education. What many people forget about are all the great healthcare providers that are present throughout the area. The National Heart Foundation Hospital located on Mirpur 2 is one of the foremost medical facilities for treating cardiovascular problems. Next to the Heart Foundation is another prominent specialized hospital; the Kidney Foundation Hospital. Like its neighbor, people from all over the country visit the hospital for check-ups and treatment. Then there’s Lion’s Eye Hospital in Agargaon. The hospital is well-known for having some of the best ophthalmologists in the country. People with apartments in Mirpur have numerous options when it comes to visiting a medical facility.


Islami Bank Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Bangladesh
The Islami Bank Hospital is an old and reputed treatment center

While the Malibagh area itself may have only one or two hospitals within its boundary, its proximity to many prominent hospitals makes the area an ideal location to settle in. The makeup of Malibagh makes it a nexus from where you can travel to any destination. That is why Malibagh is considered one of the most accessible areas in Dhaka. The Monowara Hospital, located west of Malibagh in Siddheswari, is one of the best hospitals in Dhaka for childbirth and maternal care. Then there is Islami Bank Hospital near Kakrail Mor. It is one of the most distinguished healthcare facilities in the entire country. Other popular medical centers in the area include Ad-din Hospital, Padma Diagnostic Centre, and Khidmah Hospital.


Hospitals in Dhaka with best medical facilities
Hospitals in Gulshan have better facilities than most other places

Today, Gulshan is a commercial hub. However, that wasn’t always the case. Gulshan started out as a residential area for the middle-class but soon evolved into a thriving commercial zone. Furthermore, Gulshan is also one of the best areas for expats to live in. As such, numerous world-class medical facilities are present in the area to support the growing number of people. All the medical centers in the area reflect the prominence of Gulshan along with providing high-quality healthcare for the patients. The United Hospital in Gulshan is well–known for its exquisite facility just as much as it is for its medical care. Highly-skilled doctors from around the world have chambers in the hospital. And it’s not just private hospitals that are in Gulshan; a little west of Gulshan 1 circle is the National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital.


Shahbag has many hospitals that are exceptional at treating conditions
Shahbag has many hospitals that are exceptional at treating conditions

Most people are familiar with Paribagh as a serene area that is home to many higher-up government officials. Like Malibagh, Paribagh is a nexus within Dhaka. To the south is Shahbagh, a place to find world-class medical centers in Dhaka. BIRDEM, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital, and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical Hospital are also in Shahbagh. These are not just some of the best hospitals in Dhaka, but are shining examples of healthcare in Bangladesh. Then there’s Holy Family Hospital east of Paribagh; a well-known and well-reputed hospital among those living in South Dhaka.

There is no exception to high-quality medical centers for treating diseases or accidents. Luckily, Dhaka is a city full of excellent medical facilities. And if you live in one of the places mentioned above, you’ll be glad to have a few world-class hospitals in Dhaka nearby in times of medical emergencies.

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