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Who doesn’t like cleanliness? Keeping our surroundings is as important as keeping ourselves clean. Nowadays, more or less everyone has a helping hand. However, it’s tough to clean your house every day since some difficult stains just doesn’t want to go away – which is why you need this a few special tips that might help. A lot of people like cleaning their houses by themselves. I am pretty sure we’ve all thought only if there was a faster way to remove those stains! If so, these home cleaning hacks are for you. Read below to know more.

Pour down Vinegar in a plastic packet and hang with your shower head


Put Vinegar in a poly bag and hang it on the top of your shower head. The next morning, all the stains will be gone. Sprinkle some vinegar on the basin or in the corner of your door and keep it like that for a while. Wipe off the stains with a wet cloth and you’re good to go!

Pick up shattered glasses from the floor with the help of Bread slices

shattered glasses
Use these home cleaning hacks

It’s very risky to pick up shattered glass from the floor with your hands. First, wear shoes and gloves on your hand. Make a thick coat of bread and then take the remove the broken glasses off the floor. All of it will get stuck in the bread. After you’re done, wipe off the place with a wet cloth. What was a risky task now has become easier than ever!

Get rid of bathtub stains with salt and Grapefruit

Get rid off bathtub stains easily!

We realize that this tip sounds a little weird but it is extremely useful! Does your bathtub look dirty from not being cleaned in ages? Do you see stains and spots in places? Cut a grapefruit and rub some salt over the stains. Within a short period of time, you will see that the stains have disappeared.

Clean away window tracks with the help of q-tips, baking soda and vinegar

Follow these home cleaning hacks

Cleaning the window tracks always seems like a hassle. However, these tracks get dirty very easily because dust from the outside gets trapped here. Since the window track is too small, you cannot clean it with your hand completely. In such a situation, sprinkle the baking soda in small quantities, pour it in the window track and add a few drops of vinegar. Lastly, clean it off with a q-tip.

Clean your toilet with Coca cola/Pepsi

a toilet
Coke has ingredients that take out difficult stains

Getting annoyed by looking at the yellow stains in your toilet? It might seem very surprising but it’s actually very effective.Pour down two liters of Coca Cola or Pepsi in your commode and let it stay overnight. The next morning, flash it away and see how the stains went away.

Clean your fridge with baking soda

baking soda
one of the best ways to clean your home is to do it with baking soda

A lot of people clean their fridges with dishwasher. Because of this, a stench of soapy smell gets stuck within the fridge. This might ruin the smell of the food inside which is why it’s best to use baking soda instead of dishwasher. Take equal amount  of water and soda, mix them and apply them on the fridge surface. When it’s dry, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Throw some salt on your frying pan before washing it off

frying pan
Using salt is one of the best ways to clean your home

Tired of washing your frying pan? These home cleaning hacks will definitely work for you then. Salt used in food is not only useful for bringing flavors; it has other uses, too. How? Sprinkle some salt after you’re done cooking then wash it off. You will see it’ll take a lot less time to clean it off.

Clean your glass with tissues instead of washing clothes

tissue box
Clean glasses with tissues

Ever wondered how many stains you left by cleaning your window with window washer and a cloth? The cleaning cloth is not always soft which is why it might leave marks on the surface. Hence, clean your glasses with tissues and look at the spotless result!

These useful home cleaning hacks will help you get your job done within a short period of time. How do you usually remove stains from your home? Don’t forget to mention them in the comment section below! To read more similar articles, subscribe to our Bproperty blog.

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