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After a day of fasting in this hot and humid weather, there’s nothing more precious than sitting down with your friends and family to have iftar. Every iftar with your loved ones is a gift that should be cherished. To make this even more special, we usually go out once or twice during Ramadan for iftar. This is considered a special occasion; full of joy, excitement, and tasty food. Which is why we bring you five of the best iftar offers in Dhaka that is sure to deliver on all fronts and make your evening delightful.

Now we know everyone has different preferences, especially when it comes to food. So we segmented the offers currently available in Dhaka and sorted them by type of food.

1. Best Pizza Offer – The Pizza Guy

Exterior of Pizza Guy
Among all the iftar packages, most are looking forward to PIzza Guy the most

I am a pizza person. There’s something about those cheesy and meaty delights that just the thought of it makes you crave for them. And one of the best pizza places in town is the Pizza Guy. Now sure, almost every pizza place in Dhaka offers unlimited pizza for iftar during Ramadan. However, there are two very good reasons that make this one of the best iftar offers in Dhaka. The first is taste and I’m not the only one to think this. Among all the pizza places in the city, many consider Pizza Guy to be the best. They have more than fifteen types of pizza for you to taste, and every one of them is better than the last. Also, they will serve bottomless soft drinks. Secondly, this iftar offer extends to dinner as well. So if you have the space in your stomach, prepare for a grand feast.

Foodies can enjoy unlimited pizza from iftar time to 8:30 pm, and then again from 9:30 pm to 11:15 pm. It will cost 899 BDT per person, including Vat. And if you are worried about getting a reservation at such a great place, don’t be. Less than half of the total seats can be reserved, while the rest are solely for walk-ins. You’ll find Pizza Guy in Banani.

2. Best Burger Offer – Takeout

Interior of Takeout
Takeout started its journey as a small shop in Banani but quickly expanded to multiple locations

On one end of the spectrum are pizza lovers while on the other end are burger lovers. So if you are looking for the best burger iftar offers in Dhaka, then look no further than Takeout. While Chillox is considered one of the most popular places to eat in Banani, it is Takeout (not Takeout 2.0) that takes the lead here. The juiciness of Takeout’s burgers and their secret sauce have made them a mainstay when it comes to dining out. For a fan of Takeout, this is the opportunity that you can’t miss. There is, however, a major problem with the offer; it includes only one soft drinks. Even though it is a common practice when it comes to burger offers, it might leave a sour taste in many.

This Ramadan, get unlimited burgers for just 699 BDT and this offer will be available at all their branches.

3. Best Oriental Offer – Izakaya

Bento sets of Izakaya
The bento sets of Izakaya are one of the best iftar deals in Dhaka for eating oriental cuisine

The last few years have seen a rise in popularity for oriental food among the people of Dhaka. Places like Yum Cha District, Little Korea, and KFD have become hotspots for people looking to taste exotic food. One such place that is quickly become a fan favorite is Izakaya. And keeping in tune with the rising popularity, they have introduced a few bento sets for the month of Ramadan. One of the main reasons for choosing Izakaya as one of the best iftar offers in Dhaka is that it works great as an introductory menu for newcomers. The three bento sets are a mix and match of some of their tastiest items. One can get a good sense of what the rest of the menu might be like by tasting one of these sets.

Dhanmondi is food heaven, and you can find Izakaya within that heaven on Satmasjid Road. The bento sets cost 790 BDT, 805 BDT, and 865 BDT respectively. However, these prices do not include VAT and service charge.

4. Best Buffet Offer – The Westin

Outside view of westin
Even with the hefty price, there’s no place better to have buffet than at the Westine

Anyone who has tasted the food at The Westin can easily tell you what makes paying such a hefty price for dining there worth it. Prepared by some of the best gourmet chefs, every bite of the food at The Westin will take you to 7th heaven. And this year, like every year, Westin is offering two buffet offers for anyone who wants to taste the finest food.

The first one is their Seasonal Taste iftar and Dinner buffet offer in their main dining hall where they’ll serve a sumptuous mélange of many Middle Eastern and Continental signature dishes. You’ll get to taste a very unique iftar that is equally exquisite. The offer will cost you around 7,000 BDT, but has a buy one get one offer going on if you pay using certain debit/credit cards.

If you are looking for something less costly, try their Splash iftar and Dinner Buffet offers. While the menu isn’t as exotic as the Seasonal Taste one, it still offers a wide variety of delicious food. At only 4,500 BDT and a buy one get one offer, you and your loved one can taste some heavenly food. Even with the price, they are one of the best iftar offers in Dhaka this Ramadan.

5. Best Budget Offer – Comic Café

A bowl of oven baked pasta
Comic Cafe serves a wide array of iftar packages that can satisfy any taste

Not everyone is willing to spend thousands on iftar. Sometimes, we look for good value when it comes to iftar. And one restaurant that is well-known for serving delicious meals at a low price is Comic Café. Comic Café started its journey as a restaurant in Khilgaon and quickly branched out due to popularity. They are still serving some of the best budget-friendly food, evident by their iftar offers this Ramadan. For less than 500 BDT, you can enjoy appetizing food that tastes better with every bite and leaves you wanting for more. Their zesty peri chicken and scrumptious BBQ chicken are to die for. However, if you are planning to go there for iftar, be sure to make a reservation the day before as you are unlikely to find an empty space otherwise.

There you go; five of the best iftar offers in Dhaka that you cannot miss. This city has become a treasure trove of great food, and the denizens couldn’t be happier. Take the opportunity to visit one of these wonderful iftar offers with your loved ones and make the day truly special.

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