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Internet is an absolute necessity in today’s life. I don’t even need to get into the details of it. But finding a good connection has become somewhat of a struggle in Dhaka. There are countless options now; stepping onto the road, you’ll see a gazillion ads for internet connectivity. Yet getting a new connection has become terribly confusing with so many different offers on the table. Before you could just get a local connection but that isn’t so much the case anymore. Then there’s the unfortunate trend of declining service quality over time, even with speeds increasing across the globe. So what should you think about and research when looking for the best internet connection for you?

Bandwidth for Price

You want a fast connection: always

Obviously, the first thing you should look at is the price you have to pay for the amount of bandwidth you’ll be receiving. Faster speeds at lower prices is the ideal, but there are things to be careful of. You can expect a hefty price-tag on more ‘branded’ names like DOT Internet, once a giant of internet in Dhaka, and its multiple packages. There is generally a pricing window you should get to understand.

If you come across an amazing package at an unbelievably low price, ask questions. Marketers use words like ‘up to’ to confuse us. Speak to their representative and ask for what speed you can expect throughout the day. You will find deceitful marketing practices are your worst enemy in the hunt for the best internet connection.

Dedicated vs Shared internet connections may also confuse you since they are so widely priced apart. The majority of people use a shared connection which is rarely a problem, but you might face slow-downs in speed when too many users are active at the same time. With a dedicated connection, you never have to worry about something like that.

Fair Usage Policy

Practice rationed browsing before you lose your speeds

Another thing that directly accompanies bandwidth is usage limits. This is mostly ignorable in Bangladesh as the majority of ISPs provide unlimited data for downloads and uploads. But some branded’ names like Banglalion with its latest 4G packages have a Fair Usage Policy for total data usage. Crossing the limit often incurs bandwidth penalties. This isn’t really something I would worry about too much for regular browsers but it can be a problem with heavy movie and TV show binge watchers.


latency graphic
High latency can be really troublesome

This is a major aspect of the best internet connection for me personally as it is for any competitive gamer. Latency has to do with the time it takes for information to leave your computer, travel across the connection and reach the server you are trying to interact with. This is something you have to ask about specifically and you need to know at least the country your game is trying to reach as latency depends a lot on physical distance between servers. You should also find out about packet loss which refers to the information your computer was trying to send that got lost in traffic. For more accurate information on this, I’d recommend asking people you know in the area that may use a particular ISP you’re looking into. Some great ISPs for good latencies are Tetrasoft in the Mohammadpur side, Dhaka Fiber Net’s shared connection and dedicated connection across most of Dhaka, and Carnival which is the new name of what most people used to know as DOZE Internet.

Special Benefits

A server to download all the movies you could think of, fast

It may be surprising to some people to know that there can be additional benefits with certain ISPs; some larger than others. For example, all ISPs in Dhaka now offer BDIX exclusive bandwidth for higher speed transfers from server connected to the network, or buffer-less streaming on YouTube. You can also opt for a Real IP – which every ISP should offer for an additional charge – that is useful for secure connections. Some ISPs have their own servers full of movies, shows and software. Then there are exclusive benefits like Link3’s IPTV deals which provide a digital supply of TV channels. Maybe some of these benefits fall under your idea of the best internet connection.

Payment Options

pay by card
Paying internet bills has become super easy

Most people in the country are used to having the bill collector come by every month to take the bill in person. This has always been a convenient means of payment for many. But recently, more easy ways to pay have popped up. Before, some ISPs allowed you to pay the bill at banks with a cash deposit. Now you can pay the bill with systems like CityTouch and EBL Skybanking, or just by using your credit and debit cards. For busy, or lazy, folk, this is a great method that reduces human interaction and time wastage.

Internet offers are improving as ISPs are evolving. Everything is getting better, which means you as the consumer should know what you are looking for and what you can get a hold of. We hope this little guide helps with your decision making. Keep in mind, there is a lot more that goes on when surfing the net, but these are the basics that will get you the best internet connection for you.

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