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For people who prefer living in peace and solitude, Uttara is like a sanctuary. This is mainly because Uttara is one of the top trendy residential neighborhoods with almost all the necessities in one place. Spreading over a vast area, Uttara holds several residential sectors, a few commercial spaces, and homes to nearly 2.5 lac Dhaka dwellers. This vibrant part of the town is also an attraction to many and not just those residing here. Some think of Uttara as the fastest developing locality and look for lucrative investment opportunities here. Others indulge themselves in the serenity of this area as they search for a gateway from the city hustle. No matter what your need is, Uttara never disappoints. However, if you are one of the latter ones and looking for places to visit in Uttara, take a look below and plan a perfect day out in the city!

Popular Restaurants in Uttara

Kabab factory is one of the most popular restaurants in Uttara
Kabab factory is one of the most popular restaurants in Uttara

Bengali people like to eat, and there is no way to deny that. Which is a big reason why Dhaka is packed with so many local and international food chains. Also, for Dhaka residents, a nice meal in restaurants while spending some quality time with friends or family is quite an affordable hangout and is heartwarming at the same time. Understanding market needs, Uttara offers an array of family-friendly food places of various cuisines and specialties. If you have a few hours to spend and are looking for a cozy and quiet atmosphere, try visiting places like Trouvaille, Lake Terrace or Ajo Idea Space. All these restaurants in Uttara have exquisite decor, sitting arrangements and of course mouthwatering dishes!

Alternatively, if you plan for exotic and slightly more expensive options, then Mainland China or The Mesquite Grill are good picks. Nevertheless, you can always go to fast food chains like Takeout or Madchef for a quick bite but try out Kabab Factory if you haven’t yet. It is one of the main attractions and the best places to visit in Uttara.

Relaxing Coffee Shops

coffee shops
A quick coffee break is always relaxing and Uttara is filled with popular ones

A relatively new yet common trend is to visit coffee shops in Dhaka; especially for millennials. While restaurants have a formal dining setting, coffee shops are more casual and friendlier to have a long conversation in. Also, the ambiance and decorations work as an excellent background for Instagram too!

Here in Uttara, you can find favorite coffee shops like Crimson Cup and George’s Cafe. Alongside them, local vendors like Jerry Bees and Coffee Time are popular too. Another coffee place that is just as famous to Uttara locals is Sangam. It has turned into a hub for hangout among the locals. Usually starting from the afternoon till night, many people gather at Sangam and in small or large groups. If you have time, why not go and visit it one day?

Get In Touch With Nature In Uttara Parks

Uttara lake park
Parks are the perfect places to visit in Uttara if you are looking for a peaceful getaway

In a jungle of concrete, visiting local parks is surely relaxing. Being a large city, there are several famous parks in Dhaka spread around the town. And if you plan a visit to Uttara, there are quite a few family-friendly parks too. The most soothing one has to be Uttara Lake Park in Sector 13. A  serene lake flows beside the park, separating sector 13 from sector 7.

Another favorite park is Sector 13 park. Since this park is more open and has more space, it is also an excellent spot for a friendly football or cricket match. But, these aren’t the only ones; there are nicely decorated parks in Sector 3, 7, 11 & 14 as well.

Street Side Meet-up places to visit in Uttara

Streetside addas, especially in the evening is one of the popular places to visit in Uttara
Streetside addas, especially in the evening is one of the popular places to visit in Uttara

Uttara has developed numerous street side meet up places, mainly because of the universities and coaching centers across the area. For a low budget hangout, you can visit the bridge over Uttara lake in-between sector 13 and 7, or Rabindra Sarani and Sector 13 intersections. These places are just as popular as Sangam and also stay crowded from late afternoon till night, especially on weekends. For snacks, you will find several fuchka stalls in a single file beside the street along with quite a few food carts. So, are you coming anytime soon?

Diabari, Uttara

diabari uttara
Whether you live in Uttara or not, Dia bari is a must visit for everyone

Another great alternative for a budget trip is Diabari, Uttara. It is a family-friendly area for people of all kinds. In the afternoons, Diabari turns into a lively hangout location and buzzes with crowds. Here, you can take a long walk, ride boats or grab a quick snack from the mouthwatering food carts.

Additionally, Fantasy Island was launched in Uttara for kids and family gatherings. Consisting of several exciting rides and food court facilities, this theme park is becoming more popular day by day. You could easily plan a whole day trip to the park with the entire family, and it would be worth the time. Being affordable and within the city boundaries, this amusement park is what’s been missing from Dhaka city.

The city expansion plan for Uttara has turned out be fruitful because of these amenities. More and more people are now interested in purchasing apartments in Uttara to be a part of this development. After all, who doesn’t want to reside in a serene neighborhood for a peaceful living experience?

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