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The new decade marks the new era enamored with big aspiration in the real-estate business in Bangladesh. The past decade has lain a solid foundation to accelerate the business, and now it is the time to utilize it. has gained the trust of millions of people to be the household name and the number one solution provider of the real estate industry in Bangladesh. We cater to everyone’s desire to find a space that will fulfill all their requirements, needs, and dreams. And in the same way, we are here to provide our best recommendations for you with some brand new delicate property listings of this month. The following listings are some of our best properties in February 2020! Two of them are commercial spaces. 

Exquisite 1090 Sq Ft Apartment for Sale in Bashundhara R-A 

Bashundhara R-A takes residents away to a zen den when they arrive home. At night, the street lights dazzle and beautify the serenity even more. That is why this 1090 Sq Ft Apartment in Block I near Mosque Madrasa makes for an excellent abode to enjoy. The rooms have utilized the space quite well and the internal and external outlook complement each other to create an appealing and comfortable setting. It is a north-faced apartment. When you enter this apartment, you will find that the tiles reflect the light off them while the walls preserve their muted tone to suit any lively furniture that might come in. The spacious architectural setup ensures that the rooms reserve sufficient capacity for keeping trendy furniture and setting up the place just the way you want it. It is therefore in our list of best properties of February 2020. 

Cost-effective 850 Sq. Ft. Apartment for Sale in Mohakhali

Mohakhali is a well-known place and one of the central parts of the Dhaka city. The first flyover of Bangladesh is located here. You also get the largest Bus Terminal of Dhaka city here, named ‘Mohakhali bus Terminal’.

The 850 sq ft apartment consists of an amazing floor plan, tiles, up-to-date fixtures and so on. Considering all of these, the apartment assists the buyer’s decision-making process. The refreshing balconies are attached to the bedrooms, where you can enjoy morning tea or evening family hours. Going for recreational activities outside is an easy option to pick as well because there are plenty of places nearby.

Eccentric 1265 Sq Ft Apartment for sale in Kalabagan   

Kalabagan is quite an impeccable place that has held quite a commendable reputation for a while now. The area is preferred by the flat pickers in recent times as it is evolving concomitantly with Dhanmondi. It is the transport center of many important places in the city of Dhaka. There are plenty of houses in this area and has been one of the best residential areas to reside in for years now.

The 1265 Sq Ft apartment is absolutely comfortable to the core. The entryway leads to other rooms in the house and to its right is the spacious drawing-room. Step in a little further along with the light-colored tiles and you will notice a guest room to the right of the dining room. Amusingly, it has a surprise balcony. It’s not too visible when you enter the room but you’ll discover it on your right eventually. The semi master bedroom does not have a balcony though but the master bedroom does. However, you’ll see that the semi master bedroom is a little larger than the master bedroom. That’s because some of the space that was probably kept for a balcony has been used to build a larger room than was planned for. No wonder this property gets into our cherry-picked list of best properties in February 2020.

Convenient 950 Sq Ft Apartment for Sale in Khilkhet 

Khilkhet is developing as a commercially important in association residential The presence of other apartments nearby will let you know that facilities are in plenty. Commute times to and fro are reasonable and transportation is readily available as well. There is a wonderful blend of residential and commercial within the area which makes this one of the best places to live in. There’s not too much traffic and prices are affordable.

Incredibly spacious, this 950 Sq Ft apartment in Ekushey Road, Khilkhet nearby Uttar Para Jame Mosque is a lot more than just a unit. You will see a mixed color tile design on the floor. The bedrooms have beautiful balconies attached to them and the floor plan is quite comfortable. Right in the middle, you will find a space that can be used as a dining space and also a drawing space.

Elegant 1200 Sq Ft Commercial Space in Lalmatia 

Looking for a space to initiate your start-up or a branch to boost your business? We are here for you. This 1200 Sq Ft Space In Lalmatia Near Lalmatia Mohila College can be a pleasant solution for you. This moderate commercial space is divided into separate work sections. A kitchen is also ready on one side of the office. This is not only a budget-afriendly one but also a very convenient spot in the Dhaka city.  Lalmatia is a small town between Mohammadpur and Dhanmondi. It is a calm place, divided into a number of blocks. Though it’s a residential area there are also a couple of NGOs, hospitals and a number of shops and restaurants that are spread out.

These are the very best properties in February 2020 in Dhaka that recently became available. There are plenty of more wonderful properties available on for you to choose from. Do let us know in the comment section below if you liked any of them.

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