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Dhaka is full of amazing properties for sale in convenient locations with amazing features. And there is no place better to find them than Bproperty, the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh. Today, in this edition of Properties of the Month, we bring to you five of the best apartments for sale that we added to our ever-growing database in August. You are sure to be smitten with the mesmerising charm, glamour and quality of these flats. So if you are looking to buy real estate anytime soon, check out these top properties for sale we have for you.

Gorgeous Apartment in Banani

Apartment for sale in Banani
Live in one of the poshest areas in Dhaka

We begin our list of the top properties for sale with a gorgeous 2,235 sq. ft. flat in Banani. Located on road 2/1, this apartment is nothing short of luxurious. From the moment you step foot in the lobby you know there is something special about the property. That feeling is only intensified after you enter the flat itself. Gorgeous tiled floors and open balconies give off a sense of majesty that very few property can; at least on this price. This piece of real estate comes with three bedroom and three bathrooms. The number of rooms on an apartment this size means each room has ample breathing space.

As for the kitchen, it is adorned with handy cupboards, tiled walls and marbled cooking area. Surprisingly, it is the bathrooms have the most regal look out of all the rooms. Every aspect of the bathroom is designed to provide users with a feeling of satisfaction. With all its amazing aspects, it certainly deserves to be on this list of top properties of the month.

Open Apartment near Gulshan Lake Park

Apartment in properties of the month list
Spend your afternoon enjoying a natural breeze in Gulshan Lake Park

A common complaint about most of the properties for sale in Dhaka is that they feel very enclosed and stuffy. However, this open 2,068 sq. ft. apartment is anything but that. Spacious rooms, incredible ventilation and open windows allow natural light from outside to fill the rooms. Open balconies further compliment the airing quality of the home. The terrace is perfect for residents to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea. It is certainly a major factor for being in this edition of properties of the month list.

The building was developed by one of the premier development companies in Bangladesh; Assure Developments Ltd. So you can rest assured of the quality and build of the property. The Gulshan Lake Park is just at the edge of the street, as is the American Recreation Center. Both of these places are great for spending time with your family. The area also has tremendous security thanks to it being a diplomatic zone. So if you are looking to buy real estate that is open and spacious, this is certainly the one to check out.

Affordable Home in Bashundhara R/A

One of the top properties for sale in Bashundhara
Start your homeowners journey with this affordable flat

The next entry in our list of properties of the month comes from Bashundhara R/A, Block E. This surprisingly affordable 1,660 sq. ft. home is perfect for those on a budget, coming in just under 1 Crore. Its four bedrooms can easily accommodate small to medium families with room to spare. The location of the property allows its residents to quickly move in and out of Bashundhara using the Kuwaiti Mosque Road, bypassing the usual traffic near the main Bashundhara gate. Furthermore, the apartment possesses all the facilities such electricity backup, 24/7 security guard you come to expect from top properties.

Nearby Apollo Hospital is right there to provide residents with emergency medical service. Food lovers can rejoice as they enjoy a variety of foods at Fifi the Food Island and other similar places. The property is perfect for being your first apartment in Dhaka.

Convenient Flat on Uttara Sector 7

Buy real estate in Uttara
Live with convenience by buying this apartment

Uttara is one of the areas in Dhaka that can claim to be self-sufficient. The area has its own power distribution network, numerous hospitals, restaurants, educational institutions and a great transportation system. Many consider Uttara as an emerging posh area. So no wonder many people are looking buy real estate in the area. This convenient and well-constructed 2,010 sq. ft. flat is located in Uttara sector 7 ensures that its residents can fully enjoy the amenities Uttara has to offer. There is no shortage of recreational places or places to visit in the area.

The modern Hi-Care General Hospital is just on the next road from the apartment. And as for the property itself, it is a three bedroom apartment with fully tiled floors. There is 24/7 electricity backup, elevators and security service. A great outlook and convenience for its residence are what makes this one of the best apartments of the month.

Spectacular Flat on Dhanmondi Road 11/A

one of the best properties for sale in Dhanmondi
A property full of amazing apartments

Making a return from the last edition of Properties of the month, we added a new flat for sale from this amazing property to our database. This massive 2,560 sq. ft. apartment is anything less than spectacular. There are four bedrooms and bathrooms, large windows, spacious balconies and exquisite doors that showcase its elegance. Marbled kitchen countertop, handy cupboards and well-designed ventilation system allow its residents to cook until their heart is content. Developers did not forget about the bathrooms either. The bathroom attached to the master bedroom comes in with a beautiful bathtub where you can forgo the days worry with a hot bath. All of these amazing features make this one of the top properties indeed.

The flats mentioned in this article are not just the top properties in the month of August, but some of the best apartments for sale in Dhaka. Are you ready to buy any of these properties? Or are you looking for something a bit different? We have more properties for sale. Be sure to check out Bproperty to find the perfect property for you.


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