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Food. It’s always on our mind. Last time, we covered a few trending places to eat in Banani. We really hope you guys agreed with our picks on that article. The places mentioned were both wonderful for our taste buds and as hosts. Today we’ll cover a change in behavior we have seen recently. Banani used to be the place to go for food, but we have a new contender for best area for a pig-out. Today we look at the best restaurants in Dhanmondi to keep your eyes on.

Tao Town to Chow Down

One of the best oriental restaurants in Dhaka
Their exquisite oriental food is perfect for any occasion

Of the best restaurants in Dhanmondi, the doors to this wonderful place opened earlier this year in February. It was expected to be just another Japanese cuisine restaurant, but it has surely passed that presumption. The place has had a great impact on young-adult groups throughout the city. Tao Town’s interior is nice and open, making it feel like a premier place. And then the most important part; the food. Succulent is the least flattering word we could use to describe the delicacies that invade your table. No question can be raised about the dishes.

Tao Town’s placement in KB Square on Satmasjid Road, a place crowded with young blood looking for the latest trends, has really garnered it the attention it deserves. The growing word of mouth further drew in more and more people from around the city. Hence began the rise of a tremendous oriental cuisine restaurant. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on how Tao Town’s reputation grows.

Grilled to and for Perfection

Places to eat in Dhanmondi for burger lovers
One of the best burger joints in all of Dhaka

Who doesn’t love a good burger? There’s no shortage of places to grab a burger in Dhanmondi right now. But this competition does bring about the question; which is the best burger in town?

Starting off from just a cart during the great cart-food craze of a few years ago, this entry has earned itself enough reputation and strength to setup a standalone shop! We are, of course, talking about Grilled on Dhanmondi 27 near the entrance to the lake area. The best restaurants in Dhanmondi all have one thing in common, no holding back on quality. If you’re a fan of true burgers that rely on the succulent quality of the patty itself, Grilled is your ticket to burger heaven. And yes, the preparation of the meat is to die for; so it’s your ride to heaven as well. If you have become accustomed to the doused-in-sauces burgers that have grown popular in the city, be prepared for a treat.

Pinewood for a food getaway

Restaurants in Dhanmondi with variety of foods
Pinewood is capable of satisfying a wide range of taste

When you need to step away from the city, where do you go? What about when you want to go on a nice date? Or maybe you just want a quiet lunch to yourself? We found a restaurant right in everyone’s view that too many people have missed out on.

Pinewood, located on Road 12 of Dhanmondi, is absolutely beautiful and the food is top-notch; definitely ranking it amongst the best restaurants in Dhanmondi. The menu serves all crowds with items from grilled chicken salads (our favorite) to T-bone steak all the way to Thai curry dishes. The variety of the dishes available is further enhanced by the flavor of each plate. The freshness of the salads, the marbling of the steaks; it all makes you think the place was designed with just that single item in mind. But the cook’s expertise can be seen and tasted throughout the menu. And this is the highlight of Pinewood; absolute perfection in consistency. A must go if you love food and a lovely place.

Lailaty for divine taste

Best place to east in Dhanmondi for Kebab
A Kebab place that truly lives up to its name

Some of the places to eat in Dhanmondi seem timeless. One such place is Lailaty on 3/A Dhanmondi. It has been around for what seems like forever and has evolved beautifully. Our first taste of the place was nearly 15 years ago; this was already many years after the place had been established. For the sake of this article, we revisited the place to see how it was doing. Not a thing has changed. It’s still the Lailaty we had fallen in love with and visited for so many years.

In a location like Dhanmondi that is well known for barbecue and grilled foods, Lailaty stands out. The seekh kebab is their hottest item, both literally and figuratively. They also have a surprisingly good chowmein. Their naan is the crispest yet softest you could imagine. And these are only some of the items available.of the best restaurants in Dhanmondi, give this gem a visit to discover their flavorful style. But plan ahead, as their popularity is no secret and getting a seat can be fairly painstaking.

Korai Gost and sub-continental cuisine

Places to eat in Dhanmondi near jigatola
Biryiani or Polao, their mouthwatering foods draw people from all over the city

There is no doubt in our minds that people can’t say no to biryani. Or polao. Or any of the local rice dishes that we constantly see people pining over. So a restaurant dedicated to these dishes and the sides that so importantly compliment them was a must in this list. It really wasn’t an easy choice for the best restaurants in Dhanmondi. But we were heavily inclined to go with Korai Gost.

When this eatery first opened its doors, it had created a tremendous hype. The Hyderabadi biryani was a best seller. It seemed like almost everything was becoming a best seller. Then the explosion of restaurants opening happened in Dhanmondi. People starting discovering other places and different flavors. But though food trends pulled people to other places, no one lost their interest or love for Korai Gost. The place is still a delicacy haven that people visit from time to time. This ability to hold onto people is what really drove us to putting it on our list of best restaurants in Dhanmondi.

We know what you’re thinking; but no, we didn’t miss any places. There are just so many great places to eat in Dhanmondi that this was the hardest list we’ve had to compile in ages. All the food at these places is sure to align your impressions with our taste buds. Yes, there are a hundred places worth honorable mention. What places do you feel absolutely need to be mentioned here? Do you have replacements in mind? Perhaps you have an entirely different set of favorites. Let us know how you feel in the comments section below!

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