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Dhaka; the frenetic metropolis of Bangladesh, is a city entangled with the dreams and sentiments of millions of people. Like most other megacities in the developing world, Dhaka is a boomtown with a thriving real estate market, a growing middle class and a lively cultural and intellectual life that is offset by the rampant misery of terrible road infrastructure and traffic.

In Dhaka, the road infrastructure is so bad that it has sealed Dhaka’s reputation among academics and development specialists as the great symbol of 21st-century urban dysfunction, the world’s most broken city. In the 2019 Global Liveability Survey, the quality of life report issued annually by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Dhaka ranked 138 among 140 and its infrastructure rating was the worst of any city in the survey.

But when Dhaka is suffering from such afflictions, we become curious to know; what are some of the areas with the best roads in Dhaka?

Bashundhara R/A

Bashundhara is one of the lavish places with wide and well-embellished roads

Bashundhara residential area is a private residential area developed by Bashundhara Group. The project started in the 1980s and since then, the area has undergone numerous development projects to make it more structured, developed, and connected to the rest of the city. In effect, the area has become one of the exclusive areas of Dhaka. This also translates to the fact that the roads which interconnect the entire area are also well planned and well maintained.

The roads are wide and very smooth, meaning you will have less traffic and have a fluid experience if you want to go from one place to another within the area. Since the streets are well lit, traveling back and forth at night is also terrific. Since the area inhibits some of the city’s most important establishments including Apollo Hospital Dhaka and prominent educational institutions such as NSU and IUB, the entire area is very safe and secure. This is one of the things that make Bashundhara R/A one of the well-developed areas in the city with the best roads in Dhaka.


With sidewalks on both sides, the roads in Baridhara is well maintained

As so many of the foreign embassies and high commissions in Dhaka are situated in Baridhara, it is quite the upscale area. The south-west portion of this area is mainly the diplomatic zone and the eastern side of this area covers the general residential section. All the public infrastructure in this area is well built which you can tell just by looking at the road conditions. Apart from the high-way that edged the area, all of the other roads that connected the entire area are wide and two-laned, which makes commuting from point A to point B easy.

The roads are well embellished with various kinds of plants. Also, the roads are not bumpy and the absence of potholes ensures a smooth ride. These roads have nice and clean sidewalks for pedestrians so unlike most other areas of the city you can actually take a walk without having to worry about your safety. Since the area is a diplomatic heavy zone, security is top-notch and late-night commuting is super safe. If you are looking for areas with the best roads in Dhaka, Baridhara is up there on the list.


Roads are wide and smooth in Banani

Just like Baridhara, Banani is another diplomatic zone of the city packed with corporate offices, restaurants, residential establishments, and Bangladesh Navy Headquarters. In other words, this area is one of the busiest and most developed areas in the metropolis. Having said that, the roads in the area are also well constructed compared to other areas and features one of the best roads in Dhaka.

First of all, there are designated walkways for pedestrians which are well developed to handle the massive stream of people every day. Roads, on the other hand, are also not very bumpy and can offer you a smooth experience overall. And when the night falls, things are not much different from when it is during the day. The roads are well lit and very secure, so night commuting is a breeze. The traffic control in the area is also great, so reaching point A to point B is a fluid experience.


The area features one of the best roads in Dhaka

If you were to ask to name the most upscale area of Dhaka, what would you say? Chances are pretty good that you will end up mentioning the name Gulshan. Because you know this area has all the lavish establishments and an affluent neighborhood. The neighborhood also houses a majority of embassies and high commissions in Dhaka. That means the infrastructure within the area is also very high-end, to say the least. 

But these are not the only reasons. Since the turn of the new millennium, Gulshan has become the new commercial hub of Dhaka. And among many things, the roads of Gulshan have also changed over time. All the roads that connect every part of this area with each other are very well constructed and two-laned so they are wide and include sidewalks that can handle a lot of stomping. And as far as its maintenance goes, the roads are considerably smoother than in the rest of the areas of the city. That said, there are no noticeable humps or bumps on the road. Also, the roads are well lit and since this area is a diplomatic heavy zone, the traffic in this area is also very controlled; in effect, this area becomes one of the areas with the best roads in Dhaka.


The roads in Uttara is very wide, well lit and smooth compared to other areas

This suburban area of Dhaka was once considered the most serene area of the city but that did not hold that notion for long. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the area has started to become proliferated not only by people, but also with commercial and private establishments. That means along with everything else, the roads of this area were planned meticulously. Fast forward to the present day, and overlooking all the road construction and renovations that are undergoing right now, the rest of the roads that interconnect the whole area are in very good condition and among one of the best roads in Dhaka.

The Dhaka North City Corporation has taken multiple measures to make communication smooth and as fluid as possible with the rest of the city as well as with all the sectors. That’s why the roads in Uttara are considerably wide and less bumpy. So commuting between sectors is a cakewalk. Speaking of which, every one of the roads in this area featured sidewalks for pedestrians, so if you ever wish to go for a walk, you have that option. Also, the roads are bright enough to make night commutes easy. Traffic management is also decent, you won’t get stuck in traffic often, even if you do, you won’t be stuck for long.

The importance of well-constructed roads for commuting in our day to day life is indispensable. Aside from that, the impact it has on the commercial and residential success in insurmountable.

Which area do you think has the best roads or do you want to add any other areas to the list? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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