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Newspaper classifieds and word of mouth are no longer the only ways to find your dream home.

These days, an increasing number of people in Bangladesh are using the internet to find their perfect property. But the trend is not limited to desktop PCs. Thanks to smartphones, house-hunting has never been easier – or more mobile.

Today we look at some of the best property apps for Android and iOS to guide you through the house-hunting process.

Best for: budgeting

Whether you are looking to buy or rent property, keeping a close eye on exactly where your money is going is an essential first step. Android users can try Moneywise, billed as an electronic checkbook to help you keep track of your expenses. The app was named the best budget-tracking app for Android by Lifehacker in 2012. For iOS, Mint is one of the top-rated (and free!) budgeting apps.

Best for: doing your research

Feeling a bit confused about all that complex real estate jargon? There are plenty of apps for that too! On Android, try the Glossary of Real Estate Terms to get a better understanding of all those technical, industry-specific terms. The Kaplan Real Estate Terms app is available at a cost and hosts more than 600 commonly used terms.

Best for: managing your loan

There are plenty of mortgage calculators out there but Karl’s Mortgage Calculator is one of the best free options for Android users. Give a few simple details – including the downpayment, principal, interest, and term – and the app will calculate how large a mortgage you will need. If you’re using iOS, try the popular Mortgage Calculator app for free.

Best for: preparing to move

Whether you’re planning a major renovation or just preparing to move into your new home, My Measures & Dimensions is the perfect tool. Available on both Android and iOS, the application helps you store and share object dimensions. The app lets you take photos of the object and then add in the dimensions using arrows and text. Then you can access and share the information on the go.

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