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Every student who has to move to a new place to study faces accommodation challenges. Now we all know about the tons of problems in regards to student housing. However, one of the major problems that often gets overlooked is the size of living quarters, which are usually quite small. But instead of focusing on the negatives, we’ll look at some decorating ideas for small spaces that students can apply. These student room ideas will help them make the most out of any small spaces and make it feel more like home.

Decorate with Light Colors

a desk ful of items
As far as student bedroom ideas go, light colors will be a blessing in the long run

A bed, a table, maybe two chairs; a student usually keeps only a few items in his/her room. No matter how many items there are, try to go for a light outlook when decorating. While dark or cozy colors might seem tempting, it is the light colors that you should choose. Simply put, lighter colors are better for small spaces. They reflect light better than darker shades which helps create the illusion of a bigger space. It will also keep an aura of airy openness throughout the space. Cream, light beige, or light gray might be excellent choices.

Use Mirrors

mirror on the wall
A medium sized mirror will be enough to reflect enough light in the room

Mirrors are great for making any room look bigger than they really are. It is one of those student room ideas for that require very little effort on the resident’s part but have a big impact. Aside from helping you with grooming, mirrors work like focal points that reflect natural light coming from outside. If accompanied by light color decorations, their effectiveness increases tremendously. Try to place mid-size mirrors opposite windows where natural light can directly hit them.

Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture

drawing room with sofas and a coffee table
A lot of furniture can be used for several purposes at once

The epitome of student room ideas that make the most out of space is perhaps buying multi-purpose furniture. They can serve two purposes but take up space for only one item. Furniture like coffee tables can provide storage space for items like textbooks, whereas a fold-out sofa can serve as an extra bed when needed. A loft-style bed that has drawers underneath can be used to store clothes and such. There is plenty of similar furniture that can be used for storage and other purposes. Try to find which ones they are and incorporate them in your room/home to maximize space usage.

Go Vertical

wall with shelves
Walls are your best friend for maximizing the use of space in space in small rooms

Walls can be your best friend when it comes to student room ideas for small spaces. Most of the time, walls are left alone with maybe one or two photos hanging on them. That leaves a great deal of space empty which can be used to both to make any room look pleasant and conserve space. Instead of having a traditional bookshelf, get custom made wall-mounted shelves made by your local carpenter. You can also place a wall-mounted hanger to store your everyday clothes. However, keep in mind that you might require permission from the landlord before going ahead with this idea.

Stay Organized

empty shoe box
Shoe boxes are a favorite of cats and organized people

Even with applying all the above mentioned decorating ideas, if your room/home isn’t clutter-free, it will feel small. Disorganization is the enemy of every small space. Neatly arranging all your items and making sure that they stay that way will improve your space’s flow as well as make it feel bigger than it really is. The best thing is, once organized, it really doesn’t take that much effort to keep it that way. A little here and a little there is all it takes.

Student living can be arduous sometimes, but it is these little things like tidying up your place of residence or decorating it that gives you the feel of a home. So take these decorating ideas for small spaces and make the best out of yours.

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