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Unless you are incredibly extrovert, staying at home and enjoying a little break would be one of the best things in the world. You know what would make it even better, food of course! Maybe you prefer to have home cooked meals over junk foods. However, deep down inside, wouldn’t you just love to have a pizza while you comfortably watch your favorite movie at your home? Naturally, you would, because it’s PIZZA! Then again, little chips and dips will not be a bad idea either. The list will go on and on until someone orders something from a right food joint in Dhaka. Nowadays, there are so many restaurants that offer free home delivery. Among all these options, allow us to pick the best takeaway food places in Dhaka.

Pizza Hut Bangladesh

Pizza Hut in Dhaka
One of the pioneer in authentic international food places in Dhaka

They are one of the first Pizza chains in Bangladesh to offer home delivery in Bangladesh. Until restaurant business became saturated, they were the market leader. From then till now, they have spread out in so many places in Dhaka. That enables them to offer an outstanding home delivery service. However, like all the restaurant businesses, they have certain limitations as well. If you live in Bashundhara, Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi or Mirpur, then don’t worry and relax. Within 30 minutes, the food will be served in your dining room.

Chillox: The New Hype Among Burger Lovers

One of the best food places in Dhaka
If you want a true taste in Burgers, straight away try Chillox for delivery

Since burger is the most popular food item in the country, almost every other food places in Dhaka offer them. Although, only a handful of them are worth trying. Chillox is one of the few places in the city that provide quality foods. Now you can order a takeaway from them as well! However, they have few restrictions. One, they have a limited physical presence and second, if you live in a distant area, they only deliver if it is more than 10 in quantity. So, if you are having a big get together at your home (or a big appetite) then go ahead!

The Brownie Coterie

Meet your craving for desert at home with their special brownies

After having a complete meal, it is customary to taste something sweet. That’s why we present you one of the best dessert shops in Dhaka that offers their home delivery. Since they are mainly operating in Mirpur, you can expect the fastest delivery in if you live in this area. A little pro tip, try their ‘Death By Chocolate,’ from their menu. It is the best seller so far.

Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn
Their pizza is big competition to Pizza Hut Bangladesh, try them out!

When it comes to pizza, everyone becomes serious. So, though you might need another option, just to make sure you get to order the right one. Pizza Inn also has a wide range of pizza collection. As an alternative to Pizza Hut, you will get a variety of flavors here. Plus, they have a signature deep dish pizza, unlike others. Would recommend to try out their home delivery and so this particular pizza.

Downtown Cafe – One of the best Food Places in Dhaka

Downtown cafe
This is the favorite places Bashundhara R/A residents as it offers variety of foods

Or if you feel like having a complete meal, no junk and greasy food, then you can try their takeaway. Delicious food at a reasonable price. The only constraint is, they deliver just in Bashundhara R/A only. Hopefully, they will spread into more areas soon!

You deserve a break once in a while. As long as you are taking a break, make sure you do it correctly. Try out their food and let us know. Enjoy your time!

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