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There is definitely a lot to do this September, but September also happens to be the month a lot of cool things happened in. there were lots of discoveries in September that we just can’t go without acknowledging or celebrating. Some of these were scientific, some structural, some were intellectual creations and some were even the birthdays of great people (and animals). Let’s see what September has given us over the years.

First Book Published, 1452

open book
The beginning of press books!

Thousands of us are avid book readers and I mean the physical copy type of book reader. What’s amazing is, the first mechanically published book was published in 1452, on September 30th by Johann Gutenberg. The book published was the Bible.

Copyright, 1486

copyright sign
The saver of so much intellectual property

Copyrights are the reason so many can hold onto their intellectual property. While many complain that copyrights and patents deter or slow down growth, we like to avoid the argument and just see the bright side; it creates the need for true innovation. The first known Copyright was granted in Venice on September 1st 1486 and it is still very much a thing.

Safety Pin, 1849

safety pins
Keeping things together

How many people can honestly say they have never handled or used a safety pin for something or other? From holding things together to being bent out of shape for various uses, everyone has seen the benefits of safety pin. And on the 30th of September in 1849, the illustrious safety pin was created. Something so small and simple has changed the way we have evolved over the years and it truly is an irreplaceable piece of everyday equipment.

The New York Times, 1851

NY TImes
The start of an era

Of all the newspapers in the world, The New York Times has to be the most known, mentioned, quoted and cited newspaper. This highly influential paper has been around forever it seems, but it only started its renowned journey on 18th September, 1851. It’s amazing to think what an impact a paper has had on the world of news in less than 200 years.

Roald Dahl, 1916

roald dahl
The writer of beautiful fantasies

There is no denying Roald Dahl was a blessing to the world of writing. His works have had so much impact on so many generations that it’s difficult to imagine a world without him. His stories have inspired minds and movies alike and even as we get older, we return to them. We celebrate his birthday on 13th September. He was born in 1916.

Band Aid, 1920

band aids
A quick-fix to small cuts

Cuts and bruises are very much unavoidable. As children, as adults; they really are inevitable. So you just throw on a band aid. Before the invention of the band aid in 22 September, 1920, this wasn’t really possible. Before then, you would have to use wraps, administered alone or by a doctor. A band aid can’t save a life in an emergency, but it has provided a convenience beyond imagination.

Scooby Doo, 1969

scooby doo

How many people can say they don’t like cartoons? Or at least that they don’t know a few world-wide popular characters like Popeye, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. Or even our favorite scaredy-dog Scooby Doo? Scooby Doo first made an appearance on the screen on 13th September, 1969 and has been not-leading solving mysteries since then. There have been numerous renditions of him and his squad over the years, and we’re glad every time someone says the name, the original theme song plays in our heads.

Google, 1998

Google Inc.

That’s right; the Google that we all know, love and need. Can you even remember a time before Google search? Or Maps? Gmail? All of it started back in 1998, on September the 4th. This is the day Google Inc. was established and they have been changing the face of the tech world since then. At least in the sense of search engines, people have all but abandoned  the term ‘search’ and just say ‘Google it’ instead.

Who would have thought one month could have so much going on? But considering how amazing the human race can be, we shouldn’t be surprised after all. Maybe in the future we’ll cover other months in the same regard we covered discoveries in September. Till then, happy reading!

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