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Dhanmondi is the heart of the capital Dhaka. It is not only a local cultural hub but also a place to experience multicultural aspiration. The place offers all kinds of facilities that you can ever think of. Starting right from the easy access to healthcare, beauty shops, food, and shopping, this place offers you nothing less. The experiences of foreign and alternative cultural dynamics in Dhanmondi can prepare you to be a global citizen. Let us explore this phenomenal place.         

The Emergence of Dhanmondi and its significance in the history of Bangladesh 

In the year 1956, the Dhanmondi residential area started developing as a prominent residential area. This locality was explicitly developed for the elite citizens of the city. Over the decades it has turned into a sub-city featuring all the elements of a modern city. Dhanmondi is at present, one of the most important places, a complete neighborhood in the megacity of Dhaka. The famous Bangabandhu Museum located at Dhanmondi No. 32 was the abode of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He used to hold important meetings and gatherings in this house. Our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s personal house is also located in Dhanmondi. This place, therefore, holds a big historical significance in the birth and emergence of Bangladesh. 

Dhanmondi Eidgah
Dhanmondi Eidgah was established during the Mughal era

The Dhanmondi Shahi Eidgah is also known as the Mughal Eidgah. It is located at Dhanmondi 6/A, Saat Masjid Road. This Eidgah was built in the 1640 AD during the reign of Mughal emperors. The Eidgah has been in use for offering Eid Namaz and Eid celebration since then. 

Dhanmondi Rabindra Sarobar

Rabindra Sarobar
Rabindra Sarobar is one of the biggest cultural hubs in the country

Rabindra Sarobar in Dhanmondi has been one of the most prominent places to hang out with a multiplicity of things to offer. You can bring your family members or meet your friends during the weekends here. This place is the cultural hub of the entire area of Dhanmondi. People from all around the city gather here for relaxation and exultation. Being a cultural paradigm of the city, Rabindra Sarobar hosts multiple events on different important days and occasions. People gather on several special occasions and national holidays. The largest gatherings happen during the Bengali New Year or Pohela Boishakh. Several reputed cultural institutes like Shilpakala Academy, Chhayanaut Bidyaniketon, Bangladesh Shishu Academy, etc., organize day-long programs during Victory Day, Independence Day, Ekushey February, etc.  In short, this place has emerged as one of the most culturally and historically important places in Dhaka. 

Dhanmondi Lake 

Dhanmondi Lake
The day at Dhanmondi Lake starts with the picturesque view of nature

The historical Dhanmondi Lake is one of the main attractions due to its scenic beauty. The people residing in Dhanmondi live in serenity due to the natural forbearance of this lake. The lake was originally a dead channel of the Kawran Bazar River and was connected to the Turag River. In the core development plan, about 16% of the total area of Dhanmondi was designated for the lake. Rabindra Sarobar marks the central area of the lake. Moreover, the entire Dhanmondi Lake is designed upon 37 Ha of land. There are walkaway roads constructed for people surrounding the lake for walking and exercising. Overall, Dhanmondi Lake provides the Dhanmondi area to be aesthetically attractive. 

Healthcare and Treatment Facilities 

Ibn Sina
Ibn Sina is absolutely one of the best hospitals in this locality

Undoubtedly, Dhanmondi is famous for having some of the country’s most renowned and modern facilitated hospitals. Country’s most reputed private, specialized and general hospitals namely Ibn Sina Hospital, Care Medical, Popular Medical, Labaid Specialized Hospital, Medinova, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, etc. are located in this very locality. This place has more than 30 private dental clinics. Also, Bangladesh Eye Hospital, the oldest and the largest private ophthalmologic unit of Bangladesh is located in Dhanmondi. Dhanmondi offers you some of the country’s best private medical colleges. AKMMC, Bangladesh Medical College, Popular Medical College, Northern Medical College, etc. are worth mentioning. 

The Shopping Heaven 

Shimanto Square
There is nothing that you cannot find at Shimanto Square

Dhanmondi is a shopping paradise, not only for the people residing in here but also for people from other localities. This place offers a handful of multiple shopping locations at your most convenience. Starting from day-to-day commodities to luxurious items, digital shops, and fashion wares, this place is indeed humongous. If you are thinking of shopping on weekends, have a stroll around this place. Following is the list of prominent shopping places in Dhanmondi- 

  • Shimanto Square
  • Unimart
  • Shwapno Mart
  • Anam Rangs Plaza
  • Meena Bazar
  • Rapa Plaza
  • Metro Shopping Mall
  • Genetic Plaza 
  • Nizam Shankar Plaza
  • Keari Centre 

Educational Institutions

ULAB- one of the most reputed private universities in Bangladesh is situated in Dhanmondi.

Many of Dhaka’s vastly reputed educational institutions are located in Dhanmondi. Among the schools, Maple Leaf International School, Academia, Sunnydale, Summerfield, Mastermind, Junior Laboratory High School, Scholastica, ESS, Dhanmondi Tutorial and Oxford International School have their branches in Dhanmondi. Among the universities, ULAB (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh), State University Bangladesh, Stamford University, Daffodil International University, and Northern University have their campuses in the Dhanmondi area. Different private educational centers like Vertical Horizon, Edu Space, etc. are also located here. Dhanmondi is, therefore, one of the most academically important places in the city.  

Food shops and restaurants

Food restaurants
Dhanmondi offers multiple food restaurants for your preferences

Dhanmondi is the new food haven of Dhaka. This place offers a wide range of cuisines from all around the world. From the smell of fresh Bangladeshi Biryani to the bite of Japanese sushi, you will time travel through the taste of food and appetite. The students get the most advantage from the bounty of food and coffee places in Dhanmondi, at an affordable price range. During lunch breaks and class gaps, young folks gather around nearby coffee shops and restaurants. North End Coffee Roasters at Dhanmondi is a single source for fresh-roasted coffee in Bangladesh. Moreover, Second Cup Coffee, Crimson Cup Coffee, George’s Cafe, and Gloria Jean’s Coffees have many outlets in Dhanmondi. The place offers the best burger and pizza chains in the city. Takeout, Madchef, Chillox, Chunk and Mr. Manik are the five most famous local franchises for burgers that are located in Dhanmondi. 

International franchises namely Johnny Rockets, Domino’s Pizza, Woodhouse Grill, Burger King, KFC, Nando’s and Pizza Hut can be found here too. On the other hand, for the tasty local biriyani dishes, you can go to Sultan’s Dine, Fakhruddin, Handi, etc. For experiencing a little bit different kinds of foods, you go to Yum Cha District, Bella Italia, Tao Town, The Stubborn Goat, where they will offer you Mexican, Italian, and Japanese food items. Also, there are Chinese restaurants like Xiamen, Four Seasons, Xindian, etc. As a whole, this place offers a significant amount of options to treat and satisfy your hunger.

Language Institutions and Foreign Culture Centers

Several famous foreign languages or third language acquisition centers and institutions are located in Dhanmondi. Goethe-Institut Bangladesh teaches the German language. Alliance Française de Dhaka offers French learning courses. Russian Center for Science and Culture offers Russian courses. These places are not limited to teaching only the languages. They also offer music courses such as piano, cello, violin, etc and host many cultural events as well. Besides, the other noteworthy foreign cultural centers include Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Iranian Cultural Center Dhaka, EMK Centre of US Embassy, etc. Dhanmondi is the conglomeration of multiple international cultures infused in a single space. 

Miscellaneous places of entertainment in Dhanmondi

Dhanmondi has the most reputed Chhayanaut Sanskriti-Bhavan, which is the country’s best cultural school. The headquarter of Quantum Health Foundation is located in Dhanmondi, the institute famously known for working with mental health issues. The Counter Culture Club-Third Space (“Third Space” is a concept proposed by Homi. K Bhava. It is a postcolonial sociolinguistic theory of identity and community realized through language or education) located in Dhanmondi is a liberal and safe space for practicing and researching postmodern arts and literature. Other than these, Ghuri Sangskritik Niketon, Kobi Kazi Nazrul Institute, etc. are located in Dhanmondi.  Bengal Boi is one of the largest publication houses and bookshops in the country, situated in Dhanmondi. You can spend your free time there reading. In addition, if you want to watch movies, Star Cineplex is always the option for you. 

Dhanmondi is, therefore, one of the best places to live in Dhaka. With abundances of facilities, just a walk away from your home, this place has grown up to be an elite locality of Dhaka. With all the amenities surrounding you, there is every possible reason to live here. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.   

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