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Whether for Eid or any special occasion, we found ourselves needing to run around at various shopping malls and bazaars. Our search only ends when we’ve found exactly what we want. Even with online shopping being so convenient now, the habit of going and physically feeling something in your hands before purchasing it is hard to beat. We’ve all been to the bigger shopping malls, but there are many other shopping places that have grown highly beloved over the decades. And these places are as crowded as they are great for finding all the things you could possibly want. So let’s take a look at 10 alternate shopping spots in Dhaka you may want to visit.

  • Noorjahan Market

From children to adults, you’ll find all kinds of affordable clothing and apparel here from local and international vendors. The quality of clothes found here is equal to any branded lineup. The items here start as low as BDT 200 and the market is situated opposite Dhaka College.

  • Bangabazaar

Shirts on a hanger
Bangabazaar is renowned as one of the most affordable shopping spots in Dhaka

For those who love to bargain, Bangabazaar is a glorious place; a mesmerizing assembly of new and old items can be found here. And in the winter it gets so crowded, there’s barely space to breathe here with people from all walks of life choosing here as their shopping destination. From BDT 150 to a couple of thousand, you’ll find all sorts of clothing here that you can fall in love with, especially jeans and jackets.

  • Aziz Super Market

For those who love locally produced and distributed clothing, Aziz Super Market is a haven for you; the naksha you’ll find here is certain to mesmerize you. Clothes here are for everyone in the family, from children to adults, so make a little to get all your Eid and special shopping done here. If you’re good at bargaining, expect to get shopping for men done between BDT 300-1500, and shopping for kids and women between BDT 400-1500.

  • Priyangon

This place has a huge collection of fabric clothes

If you are someone who likes to design their own clothes, making a quick trip to this place is a must! You’ll find a huge collection of clothing fabrics here sold by the yard. All the designs, matching scarf, laces, and embroideries will mesmerize your eyes. The prices of these clothes start at BDT 150 and can be more than a thousand.

  • Uttara Sector 3

You’ll be amazed to find such a place like this exists in Uttara where there seems to be no lack of shopping centers. Within Uttara Sector 3, in Rabindra Sarani, you’ll find vans selling a variety of garments. Uttara residents buy all kinds of wonderful clothes from here at various times of the year. This place is just as popular as the big shopping malls in the area. If you don’t believe me, take a look at yourself. From BDT 200 to BDT 800; you’ll find all sorts of t-shirt like products here.

  • Mirpur Nannu Market

Nannu Market
Do your Eid shopping at the Nannu Market

Nannu Market is an old and familiar name to the residents of Mirpur. There’s no type of clothing that CAN’T be found here! You’ll find something for everyone here. Its resourcefulness has spread its name even outside Mirpur. As a result, Nannu Market has gained a lot of fame. You’ll be able to find clothes for your family members for just around BDT 300 to BDT 1000 here.

  • Eden College Market

Clothes on a van
This is becoming a popular place to shop for the nearby residence

Are you wondering when did Eden Mohila College turned into a market? Don’t worry, it is still a college. But in recent times, a floating market is hosted at the college gate; a thriving market where all kinds of female clothes are sold. You’ll find garment-made clothes, kamizes, three-pieces, and even sarees. There are also shoes sold from the vans here. It has become quite a likable place for Azimpur residents to shop. Go pay a visit and see what wonders it holds.

  • Banani Super Market

There’s nothing that you won’t find here! From the littlest family member to the oldest; there’s something for everyone to like. Trendy designer clothes are sold at an affordable price here. You’ll find ready-made clothes, fabric cloths, and even children’s clothes for discounted rates. So if you are thinking about doing your Eid shopping early, Banani Super Market can be one of the best shopping spots in Dhaka for it.

  • Town hall

Town Hall Mohammadpur
Everything here is very affordable

The Mohammadpur Town Hall is a reliable place to find everyday items and things we need. But as many people don’t know, it is also a wonderful destination to find clothes! It’s a treasure trove of affordable fabrics, garment dresses, and all kinds of sarees.  If you live near the Town Hall, you can get all the shopping done from here.

  • Krishi Market

Krishi Market
You’ll find the latest designs here

For the residence of the area, Krishi Market is a beloved place. You can complete all your shopping here. No matter if its grocery shopping or clothes you are looking to buy, this place has everything you need, including all sorts of knick-knacks. There are also plenty of saree shops have both local and foreign saree collection. And if you are looking for clothes for kids, there’s no need to go to another place!

We try to avoid larger shopping malls during festivities for a number of reasons like high prices and lack of time. Then there are ‘Fixed Price’ signs hung on all the shops there that make shopping troublesome. So if you are looking for a place to shop where you can haggle a bit and shop on your own terms, visit one of these shopping spots in Dhaka.

What are your favorite shopping spots in Dhaka? Let us know in the comments section below.

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