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Everyone wants to decorate their house as beautifully as possible. And one of the best ways to do that is to hire a professional interior designer. However, many people have some misconceptions about interior design. Some people think it is a very expensive thing, some do not understand the necessity. But the truth is completely different! There are many reasons why It is best to resort to a professional interior designer. They know how to transform your space into an aesthetically pleasing oasis while keeping the elements of your personality intact. There are different types of interior design; the more you know the better. Because knowing the styles of interior design will give you an understanding of what is suitable for your home. Keeping that in mind, we have started a blog series with some of the most popular interior design styles. In today’s blog, I will explain the details of the bohemian interior design.

What is a bohemian style?

Bohemian style
It encourages people to lead an unique lifestyle

Whatever is offbeat and unorthodox, is called ‘bohemian’. So it is a given that the interior design style that is inspired by the very theme won’t be so shiny or tidy. Bohemian interior design is all about embracing the odd, unprincipled, and vibrant decor all the while creating a comfortable home atmosphere. The philosophy behind the Bohemian theory is to lead an exceptional lifestyle. That is the reason why this design style has become a reflection of many free-spirited, travel-loving, and creative people’s lifestyle philosophy and taste.

The history of bohemian design style

The bohemian interior design style originated from France in the nineteenth century. At that time, as part of the movement against the bourgeoisie, some French artists moved to an area in Paris, which was mostly inhabited by gypsies. Later the gypsy culture inspired the artist to combine their creativity with the culture and thus creating a completely new design trend called Bohemian interior design. American designer and author Justina Blekney stated, “Boho or Bohemian is the design style that compliments the chaotic way of life contradicting the capitalist ideals of life.”

The main mantra of bohemian interior style

Untidy aesthetics are the main mantra of bohemian interior design. The variety of colors and patterns, the combination of vintage style furniture create a more free and independent atmosphere than any other interior design style.

Bohemian color palette

Bold color palette
In bohemian style of decoration usage of vibrant color palette is really important

Bohemian decor style in interior design means a variety of colors spread throughout the house. Amethyst shades of purple, turquoise shades of the blue-green palette, jade shades of green are a great fit in the bohemian style. However, when it comes to large furniture, you can choose neutral shades (e.g. white, gray, light brown colors). In that case, creating a contrast will be much easier. But one thing to keep in mind in bohemian interior design is that there are no hard and fast rules in this design style. According to Justina Bacon, “There is no need to think about which color matches which. The bohemian design style is inconsistent and random, which is beautiful in its own sense.”

Bold pattern

The unique feature of the bohemian decor style is the combination of bold patterns. However, stereotyped pattern styles such as polka dot and stripe are not a part of the bohemian style. Rather, it encourages the usage of mandala, kurushkanta, and patchwork to bring bohemian decor style in interior design.

Vintage furniture, old textiles

Vintage furniture, old textiles
Using vintage furniture is one of the ways to bring the bohemian feel to your house

Vintage furniture in beige or earthy shades can help create the bohemian design style easily. It is important to remember that ‘Boho’ does not encourage the usage of shiny materials. Using the combination of old furniture and textiles to bring a comfortable atmosphere is very common in this style.

Touches of nature

Just like the Scandinavian decor style, the bohemian style also stimulates the usage of natural elements like bamboo, cane, rope, etc. The freshness of green and the brightness of sunlight brings a lively vibe to the house. Succulent plants and hanging pothos are some of the most commonly used plants in the home.

Handicraft materials

The custom of using hand-knitted materials is great to bring bohemian decor style to interior design. Kurushkanta woven table cloth, throw rug is a great fit. Furniture made of bamboo or cane is also pretty common.

Souvenir from different countries

Souvenir from different countries
Souvenir from different countries can make for great bohemian decor

As mentioned earlier, the bohemian ideology reflects the philosophy and lifestyle of travel-loving, open-minded, and creative people. Decorating the house with a variety of things from different countries can help manifest the bohemian style easily. Persian Rug, Nepali Kukri, Tibetan Thanka can make a great fit for this style of decor.

The scent

The tropical aroma such as the natural aroma of aloe vera and chamomile is usually chosen in bohemian decor. Essential oil or scented candles are kept in the kitchen, bathroom, fire area in creating the bohemian atmosphere as well.

Comfy vibe

comfy vibe
The bohemian interior also means a comfortable atmosphere overall

Bohemian style brings a feeling of comfort and ease as soon as you enter the house. The soft bed, the throw pillows scattered here and there, and the cradle can create a cozy atmosphere throughout the room.

How to decorate a house in bohemian interior style

The bohemian interior style is apt for the free-spirited people. With that being said you can choose these easily available elements to decorate the house in bohemian style.

Rug or floorcloth

rug on the floor
A rug can go well with the bohemian style of decor

The bohemian interior design has been associated with soft and comfortable rugs of various designs for two reasons. One- it gives a feeling of comfort in the house. Two- the variety of patterns creates vibrancy to the house.

Various throw rugs, cushions, mattresses

These elements can make any space messy but bring aesthetic beauty to the house when used as design elements. You can decorate the house in bohemian style with Moroccan, Botanical, Mandala pattern cushion cover, handwoven rug, or Persian rug. For cushions and mattresses, colorful and patterned fabrics can be a great choice.

Swings and low furniture

Bamboo, cane, or vintage furniture are suitable for bohemian interior design. Lower furniture may not bring a sense of nobility to the house but brings a touch of comfort. Various types of swings made of bamboo or cane also create a lively atmosphere in the house.

Hand-knitted baskets

Hand-knitted baskets
Hand-knitted baskets can bring the bohemian vibe

You can decorate the walls by hanging handwoven baskets on the wall. Hand-knitted baskets as tree tub, organizer, or laundry basket can also help bring a bohemian vibe into the house.

Heterogeneous chairs

Relaxing chairs like Peak Chair, Butterfly Chair, or Devon are very effective in bringing a comfortable atmosphere in the house. These are just the opposite of straight chairs that are suitable for sitting upright. As a result, their presence can create a comfortable vibe throughout the house.

Cowrie, bamboo, or cane chandeliers

Chandeliers made out of these materials blend nicely with the bohemian interior design. At the same time, the bright or soft light of chandeliers enhances the beauty of the house.

When incorporated correctly, the bohemian interior design reflects your creative mindset in the purest way possible. If you are a free-sprit with a creative mindset, this style can be a great way to decorate your space.

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