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Over the years, interior design styles have gone through rapid changes. From traditional Victorian design to minimalist modern design, interior design has become more modern and practical. But to many, modern design seems a bit cold and muted, as a result of its adherence to monochromatic color schemes. But with a few splashes of color here and there, all that could change. You could add a burst of life into your home decor. Today, we will be looking at some bold colors that can help you spruce up your living space.


Yellow Sofa
Bright and peppy yellow

Yellow is a bright, peppy color that evokes feelings of happiness and fun. It is the color of fragrant lemons, beautiful flowers, and bright sunshine. This makes it one of the more popular of the bold colors for home decor. You can utilize yellow to add sunny vibes to your home, especially by using milder tones of yellow. Neon yellow can be used to make a statement, and will go well with modern decor. You can use a yellow sofa in your living room or yellow bed sheets in your bedroom to add splashes of yellow to your home decor. More muted tones of yellow can be used in the walls via curtains, to add a sunny vibe to your home.


Red decor
Bold and confident red

It is a color that sparks passion and exudes confidence. Although the color can be perceived to be a bit too bold for one’s home, it is actually very easy to incorporate into most home decor setups. Touches of punchy red in your home decor can incorporate life into your living room. This is best done through cushion covers or showpieces. A more somber tone of red can be used to add cottage vibes to your home, especially when paired with white. Red can also be used to add retro vibes to your home. This can be done by using red tiles for your floor, or by using bright red furniture.


Blue is very versatile

The color is multifaceted, as it can be both bold and bright, or soft and soothing, depending on how you use it. This makes it one of the more versatile of all the bold colors for home decor. Blue can be used as a contrast in a room filled with white. You can do this by adding blue paintings or vases. It is also great as an accent in rooms with a neutral color. This can be achieved via blue cushions or throw blankets. A blue wall can also be used as a backdrop for other bold colors for home decor, such as yellow. The color also goes really well inside a kitchen, especially when paired with white.


Classy dark green

It’s a color that is relatable to everyone, thanks to its prevalence in nature. It is also very versatile, as it can be used in both traditional and modern decor. Dark green, although not a bold color by itself, is a very unorthodox but classy choice for your home. It is best for living spaces. It can be complemented by furniture with metallic gold trims for a classy art-deco effect. Forest green is another great variation of green that can add natural vibes. It is mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms.


Pink decor
Pink can add a feminine look to your home

Pink is a color that is used to add a feminine touch to any room. It comes in many versatile shades, including fun baby pink, bold hot pink, and classy floral pink. Baby pink can add a youthful vibe to any girl’s bedroom. Hot pink is a bold and fashionable color, great for making a statement. Hot pink sofas are best for this. Floral pink can be used to create a classy look for your living room. It also gives a warm, comfortable vibe making everyone feel welcome inside the room.

The bold colors for your home that I have mentioned above will help you uplift your living space and spruce it up. The different shades of the colors can be used to set different moods and vibes, so choose wisely when deciding on what colors to use in your home decor. If you’re looking to do something similar to your home, why not contact Bproperty Interior? Call us at 09612110011 or visit for more information.

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