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Finding a home that meets every need is not an easy task, especially in Bangladesh. People spend months in search of their desired accommodations. And only if they get lucky, they find what they are looking for within a short period of time. Also, the process of looking for a new house is exhausting, both physically and mentally. Needless to say, it is time-consuming as well. But thanks to Bproperty, Bangladesh’s largest one-stop solutions provider for all things real estate, people can now buy, sell, rent properties online. However, with the Bproperty app, everything becomes even easier and simpler. You can now get things done from the palm of your hand. And there is a lot of things that you can do. Here are all the major features of the Bproperty app.

Customized search

Bproperty app search
You have complete control over what you want

The Bproperty app lets you get total control over your search regarding what you want. You have options to filter out your room requirements along with price, and location with an easy-to-understand user interface. You can search for an apartment, room, penthouse, duplex, plaza, and so on. Whether you want to buy or rent a property, in the Bproperty app you will find a comprehensive list of facilities and amenities and a list of close conveniences like educational institutes, hospitals, and restaurants to give you a complete view of what you are receiving for that price.

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator
Mortgage calculator will help you calculate your installment, down payment, and much more.

For prospective property buyers who are thinking of taking a home loan to buy a house can easily calculate everything from the downpayment, loan tenure, and interest rates with our built-in mortgage calculator. Every property listing that is up for sale features a mortgage calculator. You can manipulate the parameter of all the fields of the mortgage calculator and it will show you real-time information based on the data that you put in those fields. That way prospective buyers can get a comprehensive idea of how much they need to loan from a bank or any financial institution.

Add property

Add property
Add property easily

If you are interested in selling your property through Bproperty, you can easily do that from the Bproperty app. It is a simple process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Click the Add property option from the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the app and you will see all the criteria that need to be filled. And shortly after submitting all the necessary information, our agent will contact you and guide you through the rest of the process.

New projects

New project
By clicking on the option will take you to all the available exclusive deals

The Bproperty app also features a ‘New projects’ option; under which you will be able to discover all the exclusive projects Bproperty is currently offering. There is a search option as well. You can filter your search result based on the city you are planning to buy your property in. Under every exclusive project, you will get a detailed overview from pricing, features floor plan to developers’ information. You can request more information if you want. And if you like any of the projects, you can reach us through email, SMS or you can just give us a call.


Area guide
Area guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the area you are planning to move in.

To give our customers a comprehensive overview of every area of all the cities of Bangladesh, we are adding area guides to our database every day. Our area guides cover every necessary information to give you a proper understanding of the area you are thinking of shifting your house and business. Anyone can access this information through the Bproperty app. Also, we have a step-by-step guide in regards to both selling and buying a property to give our customers a clearer picture of the process.


Bproperty blog
Our world class blog covers everything from lifestyle to real estate

Last but not least, we have a world-class blog related to lifestyle, real estate industry, and economy and hundreds of well-written articles both in Bangla and English. This is a great place for anyone wishing to stay updated on these topics. You can access all that from the Bproperty app.

The future is mobile. Everything is getting faster and needs to be more efficient in order to keep up with the pace. And as a part of the fastest growing industry, there is no better way to get things done and stay up-to-date than resort to the Bproperty app. Download the Bproperty app now.

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