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What is the definition of a guide? It is someone or something that can help you navigate through unfamiliar territory. And, most of us have required the services of a guide at one point or another in our lives. But that is mostly in the context of tourism or business trips, be it visiting a part of our country that we are unfamiliar with, or a trip to a foreign country. But what about those who are shifting their homes and moving into unfamiliar territory?

This is where an area guide can come in handy. And for those who are new to Dhaka, we at Bproperty have curated comprehensive and informative area guides for some of Dhaka’s most popular neighborhoods, with more and more neighborhoods being added to the list of guides. In today’s article, we will show you how the Bproperty area guides can help you settle into the beautiful city!

Bproperty Area Guides: Who Is It For?

Bashundhara R/A
Bashundhara R/A is an area that is favored by expats

As the only real estate solutions provider in Bangladesh, Bproperty has a very strong foothold in Dhaka city, with multiple marketplaces located in some of Dhaka’s most popular neighborhoods. Examples of our marketplaces include the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura, Bproperty Marketplace Mohammadpur, Bproperty Rental Marketplace Uttara, and a few other marketplaces throughout Dhaka. With this network of marketplaces comes an extensive knowledge of the real estate market in each of these neighborhoods, via which we have helped thousands of people move into their new homes in these neighborhoods.

The knowledge that we have obtained from the extensive network of marketplaces have helped us create the Bproperty Area Guides. It is a list of guides for each neighborhood that will help any newcomer settle into these neighborhoods. These guides were intended for a few groups of people, including foreign nationals that have recently moved to Dhaka, and also people who have moved from other parts of the country. But it isn’t limited to these groups of people, anyone moving from one part of Dhaka to another can also benefit from these guides, as well as anyone looking to visit any of these neighborhoods.

What The Bproperty Area Guides Can Help You With

Uttara Road
The guides have a section on transportation

When you’re deciding to move to any place, there are a few factors which help you make your decision. This includes the accessibility of your new neighborhood, affordability in terms of rent, and safety and security. Thankfully, the Bproperty area guides can provide you with information on these, as well as many other factors that necessarily don’t come to mind. The guide has sections on what the community is like, nearby schools, colleges, and universities. These are important factors for a family. There’s also a section detailing what the transportation systems are like in the neighborhood, with details on major roads and thoroughfares, as well as the situation of public transportation in the neighborhood.

Another important factor is the availability of grocery stores and super shops, which plays an important role in family life. The guide lists the religious institutions, so you will have no problems finding places to go for prayers in your neighborhood. And for each neighborhood, the guide mentions the medical facilities in the neighborhood, to visit for your family’s medical needs and emergencies. It also points out the nearby areas and neighborhoods, as well as the roads that you will need to use to get to them. All in all, the Bproperty area guides will be a very handy tool for anyone who is moving into a new neighborhood.

How It Can Help You Plan A Nice Day Out

Kiva Han
The area guides cover the food scene in each neighborhood

With the Bproperty YouTube channel and the Bproperty Blog so heavily focused on lifestyle, an area guide from Bproperty would have felt a bit empty without a lifestyle section. This section has in-depth information on the hottest shopping destinations in your neighborhood, with markets listed for luxury goods, clothing, electronics, etc. There’s also a detailed description of the food scene in the neighborhood, which will tell you the type of food that you can expect from the area. This covers everything from street food to fine dining. The guide mentions hotels and accommodation, which will be useful for those who are on a visit to Dhaka from out of town or abroad. You will also find local attractions and parks in the guide.

The Bproperty area guide is an invaluable resource that can help anybody move into unfamiliar neighborhoods. Its versatility can not only help you familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, but also plan a day trip. If you need to move from your home, visit and take a look at all the homes available for rent and for sale. Leave your thoughts on today’s article in the comments below.

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