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Every one of us has a particular vision when it comes to our homes. And this vision of our perfect home can be achieved through interior designing. On our latest edition of Bproperty Bites, we had the opportunity to talk to Neeman Karim and Bushra Hossain of Chinton Architects, one of the rising interior-architecture firms in Bangladesh. So let’s take a look at what they had to say about interior design, current trends, and everything in-between on Bproperty Bites.

“A Lot of New Offices are Coming Up Today and They All Want to Have Their Interior done Professionally”

Bproperty Bites with Neeman and Bushra of Chinton Architects sittingDhaka city is expanding rapidly, with new buildings popping up everywhere to meet growing needs. And regardless of whether it’s a commercial or residential space, there is a high demand for both architecture and interior design. On that note, Bushra mentions how organizations emphasize the importance of office design in today’s corporate world as well as their preference to have it done professionally. Certain things add value to an office’s design and professionals have a better grasp of it than most. Continuing the discussion on Bproperty Bites, Neeman chimed in saying that the same sentiment prevails for residential spaces today. She added that unlike before when people didn’t really understand a lot about interior designing, demand is growing a lot lately. However, most people today prefer a turnkey solution where the designer takes care of the whole thing, from top to bottom, before handing a place back to owners.

Sustainable Architecture

As Neeman put it, “The current trend is sustainable architecture”. People favor energy efficiency, solar panels, proper ventilation, and natural light; all the aspects of a green building. We are now more conscious about the environment and we try our best to minimize our carbon footprint. The current trend is a reflection of this; which also takes into account interior design’s psychological impact along with environmental impact.

What If There’s Not Enough Natural Light?

Neeman and Bushra of Chinton Architects standingMost people want to buy a flat in Dhaka that is south-facing due to its ability to provide ample natural light. However, not all flats can be south-facing; or even if they are, the building next door might block light from coming in. That is when you need interior designers to ensure you have ample light in your home and no dark corners. As Neeman put it, “If we can’t get natural light inside, another source can be artificial lights to make sure that the place looks lit up at least; but warmly lit up instead of the white lights we see in commercial spaces”. People can use floor lamps and table lamps to light up their home and achieve a warm aura. And as for windows, people of Dhaka always take advantage of it no matter which way it’s facing.

“There are Three Zones: Public, Semi-Public, and a Completely Private Zone”

Showing how to segmant zones on Bproperty BitesBoth Neeman and Bushra mentioned the importance of segmenting zones in residential spaces on Bproperty Bites. Every house has three distinct areas in terms of privacy and comfort; a public zone, a semi-public zone, and a private zone. The living room is a public zone where all guests have full access and usually hang out when invited. Then there’s the dining room which is considered a semi-public zone since guests usually require permission to move about there and you don’t want people to see what you are eating. Bedrooms are completely private, where you can relax without having to worry about any form of intrusion. However, as Neeman said, segmenting zones becomes difficult if you have a large open space. You need to use large furniture to divide areas in such cases.

“You Don’t Necessarily Need a Lot of Money to Make Something Look Nice”

A common interior design myth is that it costs a lot of money. This kind of thinking curtails many people’s hope of hiring professionals to beautify their home. When this topic came up, Bushra talked about how people can do a lot of things that can make your home look nice without having to spend too much money. There’s scope to fit any budget into your interior design plans and still enhance your home’s beauty.

Your home deserves all the love and care in the world, and some tips from professional interior designers like Neeman and Bushra of Chinton Architects will definitely help you do just that.

The interview with Neeman and Bushra of Chinton Architects will soon be on Bproperty’s Youtube Channel for all viewers. Also, don’t forget to stay updated for more Bproperty Bites!

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