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This year REHAB fair is special for Bproperty as this is the first time we are participating in a property fair like this. However, Rehab fair is not just any other property fair; this is the largest real estate fair in the country. Like previous years, many prominent real estate developers, financial institutions, housing companies and other property related businesses are participating in the fair. Among these experienced and renowned participants, we could successfully set ourselves apart and created a buzz in the event. Let’s give you a tour how the fair has been going so far.

A Complete Paperless Event

A common and easy way to register and collect information from visitors is through conventional pen and paper. Since Bproperty is an online property portal, creating a paperless procedure complemented the core benefit. This also helped visitors understand how easy it is to search for any property, anywhere at anytime.

Visitors Presence at our Rehab fair Stall

Being a co-sponsor of REHAB Fair event, we could set up the stall in a prime spot in the fair. The stall itself attracted a huge crowd as it is positioned and designed in a unique way that one can easily notice the white vibrant stall from a distance.

Customers visiting Bproperty Rehab Fair Stall
Customers visiting Bproperty Rehab Fair Stall

Curious visitors were amazed hearing the facilities offered to them. Bproperty is the first online property portal in REHAB fair to get massive attraction like this. Numerous visitors came up to the stall with their requirements, and within seconds they found their desired property. This was only possible as Bproperty has the largest inventory of over 21,000 property listings across the county.

How Bproperty Team See The Fair

For Bproperty, this fair is a big opportunity to showcase and add a new dimension to real estate market in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, it is already a success as they received the massive response from the crowd beyond expectation. Indeed, it is overwhelming for us to see the dedication and hard work finally paying off. Now, as Bproperty sets the standard high, our responsibility to maintain it also grows along.

With only a day left of this event, more people are gathering to get a glimpse of what’s happening in the fair. Are you missing out this fantastic opportunity to get a property for yourself? If you are, then don’t wait and head out to BICC ( Bangabandhu International Convention Center) by 25th. Also, don’t forget to drop by at Bproperty stall (CS-23) to experience all these by yourself!

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