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Bproperty, being the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh, stays true to its word with the inauguration of its 6th marketplace in Dhaka.  This opens up the opportunity for the people of Rampura, Badda, Khilgaon, Shantinagar, Shahjahanpur and other nearby areas searching for real estate solutions to avail the services of professional real estate advisors when looking for their dream homes. The new marketplace will be providing assistance to anyone looking to buy, sell, rent or let residential or commercial space, and will also be providing comprehensive real estate solutions that are tailor-made to suit the client’s needs and requirements. With this agenda in mind, the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura was opened to serve the real estate needs of a large, underserved chunk of Dhaka.

The BPROPERTY marketplace rampura and what makes it different

Displaying the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura Front Desk
The Bproperty Marketplace Rampura front desk overlooking the busy roads of Rampura

Bproperty strives for excellence in the way that it wants to deliver the absolute best experience for landlords, owners, buyers, sellers, developers and everyone involved in real estate transactions. And with the opening of the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura, we are able to engage with people in the area more directly. Every day, more and more people walk through the doors to speak with the real estate experts present on-site.

Like our Bproperty Marketplace in Banani, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, and Uttara, the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura has drawn a lot of attention and praise. This has led to increased awareness and interaction with the brand. With the increased awareness and interaction came an increase in the trust and confidence that people place on our services, and in the real estate industry, trust is key.

What makes the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura different  is its vast area coverage that includes Aftab Nagar, Badda, Banasree, Bashabo, Dakshin Bashabo, Kakrail, Khilgaon, Maghbazar, Malibagh, Natun Bazar, North Shahjanpur, Rampura, Shahjanpur, Shantinagar, Shegunbagicha, Kalachandpur, and Kuril. The Marketplace serves as a gateway for Bproperty to provide services to the people of these aforementioned areas.

The people living in these areas can not only buy, sell, or rent properties at the Marketplace, but also have all their real estate related questions answered, and get a better grip on how it all works. Anyone coming in will surely leave more informed about real estate.

Real Estate Solutions at bproperty marketplace rampura

Displaying the experts working at Bproperty Marketplace Rampura
The property experts of Bproperty Marketplace Rampura at work

In the context of Bangladesh, renting and letting has always been quite a time-consuming hassle . The traditional approach to renting tends to be roaming the streets in search of properties, attracting tenants, finding time for viewings, verifying the quality, ensuring safety, and trying to wrap their heads around legal issues. This old-fashioned and inconvenient method of buying, selling, and renting properties has left a lot to be desired in the minds of anyone looking for a property solution. And nowhere is this disenchantment with real estate services more apparent than in Rampura, where there has been a recent boom in the demand for such services. This is where Bproperty comes in, offering a more accessible and hassle-free solution to all real estate problems for people in those areas. 

Bproperty provides services that facilitate the buying, selling, and renting of properties. Anyone looking to avail these services can come to the marketplace and discuss their issues with the dedicated property experts present in the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura. Financial and legal services are also available at the marketplace.

Where to find the Bproperty Marketplace RAmpura

Displaying the location of the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura
The location of the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura on Google Maps

The marketplace is located right on the exit from DIT Road that goes into Hatirjheel, opposite to the Bangladesh Television (BTV) Headquarters. This makes travelling to the Bproperty Marketplace Rampura convenient for the areas that are being served, as the road connects to each of the areas. To be more precise, the marketplace is located on Level 5, 464, DIT Rd, Dhaka 1212. People with real-estate needs can visit the marketplace between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm, from Saturdays to Thursdays. 

Providing real-estate solutions is a vital aspect for the people of Bangladesh. Bproperty is vying to make the process as convenient as possible. By introducing marketplaces in different parts of the city, such as the one in Rampura, it is Bproperty’s belief that people will be able to enjoy more convenient, efficient, and effective real estate solutions.

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