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When it comes to real estate and its affiliated services, Bproperty never fails to live up to the expectations of the real estate enthusiasts. Ever since Bproperty has set its footprint in Dhaka, the real estate domain has seen a whole new dimension. So far several steps have been already taken by Bproperty, like Online Property Fair, Rehab Fair in Chattogram and many others. With the beginning of 2021, Bproperty hosted a project fair in Chattogram for the first time ever. The fair showcased 4 major projects which are perfect for any homeseekers. This 4 day long event took place in Jamal Khan Road, in the premises of Helianthus, with amazing other offers. We will now discuss further on how the Bproperty project fair in Chattagram went. Let’s begin.  

Exclusive Projects Displayed

Four exclusive projects were presented to people

The project fair ran from 11th to 14th of February, and remained open for the visitors between 10 am to 8pm. Four major AirBell projects offering both residential and commercial units were exhibited through the Bproperty project fair in Chattogram. The projects were, AirBell Helianthus, AirBell MF Tower, AirBell Pool View and AirBell Swapna Chaya. Let’s take a look at a few highlights of the properties.

AirBell Helianthus 

AirBell Helianthus is a magnificent 14 storied commercial and residential building situated in Jamal Khan Road, Chattogram. The entire building has been constructed on 14.57 katha of land, consisting of 50 units with a floor area of 1180 – 1650 Sq Ft each. The location of the project makes the property even more worthwhile since few landmarks of Chattogram are in the close vicinity.  

AirBell MF Tower 

AirBell MF Tower is an outstanding 12 storied residential apartment located in Colonel Hat, Chattogram. This south-faced project has been constructed on 18.24 katha land close to the Dhaka-Chattogram Highway. Some of the best features of MF Tower are its close access to Foy’s Lake, Dakshin Kattali Sea Beach etc. 

AirBell Pool View 

Another building which was featured in Bproperty project fair in Chattogram was AirBell Pool View. The 10 storied residential building in South Agrabad has been created on 19.032 katha land. Moreover, the fact that this project is in the financial district of Chattogram provides further leverage in terms of being a residential property. 

AirBell Swapna Chaya

AirBell Swapna Chaya is no less than a dream come true. It’s a north facing 13 storied, 2 building residential complex in Katalgonj, Chattogram. The entire complex has been formed on a massive area, covering 37 katha of land to be exact. Being placed right in the middle of the city gives it a competitive edge over apartments in other areas, since communicating from a focal point becomes greatly convenient for homeseekers.  

Offers Available

Great offers were availed through this fair

Four great deals were presented to the visitors of the Bproperty Project Fair in Chattogram. The first offer gave an amazing chance to the couples for a two-day and three-night stay at Hotel Cox’s Today for each booking. A person will also get a new kitchen along with a new home, since the second deal offered a free kitchen interior design to the people who made 30% down payment. The bedroom redesign was not also left behind, as the third offer dealt with a free bedroom interior for those who made 50% downpayment. Last but not least, the fourth offer came with an exclusive instant discount for those rare individuals who made 100% payment for the apartments. 

Response Generated 

The response received was truly amazing

The Bproperty project fair in Chattogram generated an astounding response. The keen interest which everyone showed towards such a concept was truly amazing, specially it is a first such event. The Facebook event page further aided in driving such responses overall. Nearly 200 individuals visited the four day event and nearly 100 of whom showed great interest and wanted to move forward with Bproperty.   All in all, it has been a great start which will pave the way for more such events in Chattogram in the future. 

Bproperty’s first ever project fair has just ended but it’s not the end. More such events will keep coming along. To remain updated on that, do not forget to follow our Facebook page and website. For any other queries regarding real estate you will find all our offices and marketplaces at your every beck and call. 

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