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A separate corporate office to rent apartments, offices, or any other residential or commercial space! This is a completely new concept in Bangladesh! However, Bproperty is always committed towards bringing new and more effective solutions to people with real estate needs. And keeping with that tone, Bangladesh’s first rental marketplace, the Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace opened its door this 30th October!

What Makes Rental Marketplaces Different?

প্রপার্টি ভাড়া খোঁজা

In the context of Bangladesh, renting and letting has always been quite a hassle as well as time consuming. The traditional approach to renting tends to be like— 

  • Roaming the streets in search of properties
  • Attracting potential tenants
  • Finding time to view or show property
  • Verifying the quality of these properties

This long and complex process have left a bad impression on many. Bproperty, Bangladesh’s largest real estate marketplace, officially launched their rental wing earlier this year. And as a step towards making renting easier than ever, Bproperty will be unveiling several rental marketplaces, along with Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace, throughout Dhaka in the near future. So let’s take a look at what you can expect at the Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace!

More Convenience for Renting in Uttara

Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace meeting room
Tenants and landlords can visit the marketplace for any rental need

How does a one-stop real estate solutions provider make renting more convenient? By opening a marketplace dedicated to renting near peoples’ doorsteps! While Bproperty has a tremendous user-friendly online marketplace where property seekers can view and learn about their preferred real estate; if someone wants to sit down with a property expert, they can easily do so. This rental marketplace will allow tenants and landlords of Uttara to visit the marketplace anytime for any sort of rental need and advice.

Renting Made Easier

employees of bproperty rental
Our rental and legal experts are always on stand-by to help the clients

One of the main objectives of Bproperty Rental Marketplaces is to make renting properties more accessible and hassle-free. Bproperty’s dedicated skilled rental personnel will always be present to guide tenants and landlords on their rental journey. Anyone who is looking to rent a home or commercial space can simply visit the marketplace and converse with our rental experts about their property preferences, needs, as well as seek advice on renting if necessary. Landlords can also seek out our advisors to discuss renting opportunities, learn about the average rent in the current market, and seek legal support. The Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace is open for tenants and landlords of Uttara to come in and have face to face interactions about their renting and letting needs.

First of Its Kind

Bproperty has been at the forefront of the real estate innovation ever since its inception. Concepts like property virtual tours, real estate marketplaces, property advice, and property verification were first introduced in Bangladesh by Bproperty. So in a country where the majority of people are interrelated with rental properties, it was only a matter of time before Bproperty would open a marketplace solely for rental solutions. The Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace is the first-ever marketplace of its kind, but not the last. A number of similar marketplaces will be inaugurated throughout Dhaka and Chattogram very soon to deliver quick and effective rental solutions to tenants and landlords.

Visiting Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace

Location Map of Bproperty Rental Uttara Marketplace
Find us easily!

The rental marketplace is conveniently located in Sector 3 of Uttara which can easily be reached from any part of the area. To be more precise, it is located on the 1st floor of the Nandan Dipty building at Sonargaon Janapath road. People with rental needs can visit the marketplace from Saturdays to Thursdays, anytime between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm.

Renting is a vital aspect for housing in Bangladesh, and Bproperty is vying to make the process, for both tenants and landlords, as easy as possible. By introducing rental marketplaces such as the one in Uttara, it is Bproperty’s belief that people will be able to enjoy more convenient, efficient, and effective rental solutions.

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