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Ever since its inception in 2016, Bproperty has been revolutionizing the Real Estate market in Bangladesh. And these efforts were recently recognized when Bproperty was awarded as Asia’s greatest brand in the real estate industry in the ‘Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2019-20’ awards ceremony on Friday, the 7th of February in Bangkok, Thailand. Mark Nosworthy, the CEO, and Mahzabin Chowdhury, Manager, Marketing, received the award on behalf of Bproperty.

Before Bproperty came into the picture, other players in the market were set in their age-old methods, which held back the actual potential that the industry could have reached. Bproperty came in with a much-needed idea and changed the whole fabric of the industry – facilitating easier negotiations between the buyers and sellers, renters and tenants, and with activity in both residential and commercial real estate. It also provides legal and financial support when buying and renting apartments. Bproperty’s services are available throughout Dhaka, and Chittagong, making its services accessible to hundreds of thousands of people living in the cities.

AsiaOne Award Stage

‘Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders’ is an event where the honor and success of Asia is celebrated. URS Media Consulting PL and URS-AsiaOne magazine created this award to recognize the disrupters of their respective industries. URS-AsiaOne is an international business magazine present in fifteen different countries. The guests of the award ceremony included Royal Dignitaries, Business Leaders, Government Dignitaries, Actors, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Social Leaders, and Philanthropists, from all across Asia. Alongside Bproperty, some of the largest brands of Asia were also awarded in this event.

This recognition of being the most powerful brand in real estate across Asia is going to make Bproperty, and its employees, more motivated to push further and work harder in impacting the real estate industry of Bangladesh. Let’s congratulate Bproperty on being awarded as Asia’s greatest brand in Real Estate.

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