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100,000+ subscribers! Can you believe it?! More than a hundred thousand people are following and are subscribed to the Bproperty lifestyle channel on YouTube. This is an incredible achievement. And even more so when considering its humble beginnings. It was always Bproperty’s goal to create a platform where all the aspects of lifestyle are covered. This includes covering places to travel, where to eat, lifestyle hacks, home decor, and much more. With this in mind, the Bproperty YouTube channel was launched. And now, it has more than 100,000 subscribers! YouTube has awarded the channel the prestigious Silver Play Button! But how was this achieved? Let’s dive deeper into the story behind the Bproperty YouTube Channel. 

Starting From Zero

YouTube Page
This is where it all began

Bproperty had already been making waves in the real estate sector, offering comprehensive solutions for selling and renting of properties across Dhaka and Chattogram. It had always aimed to be a 360-degree solutions provider in the realm of real estate. Even after having established itself as a successful property marketplace, there was something amiss. After all, being a real estate company isn’t only about selling and renting properties – it is also about offering people a certain way to live life. To that end, Bproperty started its own lifestyle portal – the Bproperty YouTube channel. Here, people found all the information necessary – from the best eateries, places to visit, shopping destinations, and events to attend. The channel aimed to answer all questions regarding lifestyle while bringing a smile to people’s faces.

Everything starts from zero. And the building blocks were slowly set into place. Building something of significance always requires time and patience. And for the Bproperty YouTube channel, the beginnings were humble. In the next segment, we’ll be taking a look at the building blocks that elevated the channel to where it is now.

An Amazing Array Of Videos

photos  of bproperty videos
The most popular videos of our channel

Tarar Bari

The Bproperty YouTube channel’s most popular series is ‘Tarar Bari’, where people can take a look at the homes of some of the most renowned actors, directors, musicians and celebritites in Bangladesh. We’re accustomed to seeing these celebrities on the TV, hearing them on the Radio, and keeping up to date with what they’re doing on social media. But how do they live their lives in the comfort of their own homes where no one is watching them? What do their homes look like? What do they do in their free time? Bproperty’s Tarar Bari answers all these questions and so much more. The first season was extremely well received by the audience. This led to the show being renewed for a second season. It remains the most popular series in Bproperty’s YouTube repertoire, with a few videos even crossing 1 million views.


The aforementioned Tarar Bari isn’t the only good series that the Bproperty YouTube channel offers to its followers though. There are some other great shows, of which OliGoli is one of the most popular. It is a vlog that covers some of Dhaka’s most famous neighborhoods and the stories behind their formation. Here, we take a look at the storied alleyways of these neighborhoods, along with the things to do and places to visit there. The show has recently branched out of Dhaka, with Chattogram being covered as well. This series has managed to capture the imaginations of our followers, with many leaving their rave reviews in the comments.

Bproperty Bites

This series is an homage to all the great visionaries of the world. In this show, we talk to some of the most successful people in their respective fields and hear their stories and opinions on different topics. The list of guests in this show includes celebrity chefs, founders of startups, great architects, and renowned directors.

Taste Of Dhaka

One of our most favorite things to do is to go out and eat at all sorts of restaurants. Taste Of Dhaka aims to help viewers discover new eateries across Dhaka, and help satisfy their appetite. Starting from street carts to the fanciest restaurants, Taste Of Dhaka has it all covered. Viewers will also be able to discover the trendiest and quirkiest restaurants in and around town.

The Bproperty YouTube channel has many other shows, including Checkout Counter, where they visit some of the hottest shopping destinations in Dhaka. It has been a real fan favorite. Other shows, such as What’s Happening, Culture Hub, Beautification, Wedding Steps, and Household Tips DIY have also been well received by the audience. To see all of them, visit the Bproperty Playlist on YouTube.

To The Dear Fans

YouTube comments
Some kind words from our fans

You are the sole reason that Bproperty could come this far and achieve such a monumental milestone. In every video, you have stated your thoughts and opinions in the comments. When you disliked something, you’ve let us know. Sometimes, you posted requests. Maybe you’ve wanted to see the house of your favorite celebrity. Or maybe have your neighborhood featured in OliGoli. But that’s not all. The hundreds of thousands of likes and shares from you got Bproperty to where it is now. You are the reason behind the Bproperty Youtube channel getting the prestigious Silver Play Button from YouTube. And it is your love for the channel that keeps things going!

The People Behind The Scenes

Bproperty Marketing Team Group Photo
Bproperty Marketing & PR Department – the team behind the Bproperty YouTube channel

The story behind Bproperty’s Silver Play Button has more to it than meets the eye. Starting from making the videos, to scriptwriting and production, the Bproperty YouTube channel is run by the efforts of many people working as a team. They are the ones who keep things running smoothly, ensuring that the audience gets to view everything that they love. And the faces of the Bproperty YouTube channel, the hosts Maesha, Adib, and Prantee, have endeared themselves to the loving audience. All this wouldn’t have been possible without these people!

Bproperty’s main objective was never to achieve 100,000 subscribers. It was to provide our audience with quality content that they will love watching. And this will never change. The Bproperty YouTube channel will keep on providing viewers with more quality videos. So keep watching and stay updated with Bproperty on YouTube.

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