Reading Time: 3 minutes, a part of the world-renowned Emerging Marketing Property Groups (EMPG), is the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh. EMPG has a great deal of experience working in the real estate sector. UAE’s, Pakistan’s, Morocco’s Mubawab – all are successful real estate ventures of EMPG across several nations. So how could the services of this massive organization in Bangladesh be limited only to Dhaka and its nearby areas? While it is true that Bproperty had been operating in Chattogram for some time already – but it was in a limited capacity. However, the inauguration of their new office opening on 19th November 2019 signaled the official beginning of Bproperty in Chattogram!

Why is Bproperty in Chattogram?

Bproperty Office in Chattogram
Chattogram holds great potential for the country’s housing sector

As the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh, it is Bproperty’s objective to make property-related services more convenient and easy. Whether it is residential or commercial, rent, let, buy or sell – making everything simpler is the main goal. Bproperty is such a portal that clients can use to come to a decision regarding the complicated tasks related to buying-selling and renting properties.

Real estate matters are, undoubtedly, a big deal – as is the sector. For an everyday person in Bangladesh, it’s unlikely that they would buy a home more than once in their lifetime. As such, this important decision cannot be taken in the blink of an eye – it’s not wise either. That is why, to earn the peoples’ trust, Bproperty is opening offices and marketplaces in all the major locations all across the country alongside operating the online portal. And opening an office in the port city of Chattogram is a continuation of that.

Furthermore, Chattogram is also quite more developed than most of the other places in the country in terms of the housing sector. There is a great deal of demand for plots, flats, apartments, and condominiums here. The only thing missing here was a professional and real estate agency that Bproperty is here to fulfill.

The Beginning of Chattogram Office

Bproperty office interior
The interior of Chattogram office

To provide exclusive real estate support to the residence of the city, the journey of Bproperty in Chattogram started with a wonderful two and a half thousand square feet office in the Khulshi area. As a 360-degree real estate provider, Bproperty offers an assortment of property-related services alongside property transactions – all of which can be availed directly from here. The office has dedicated legal and property advisors to guide real estate enthusiasts every step of the way on their real estate journey. There are 50 people in total to provide all sorts of services to clients. Already there have been over 6,500 properties listed in Chattogram. Bproperty will progress themselves forward by providing buying, selling, letting, and other related support for these properties.

Chattogram Office Address

Chattogram office reception
The Chattogram office is waiting for you

If you or anyone go to the following address, they’ll find themselves in front of Bproperty’s Chattogram office:

Rubeya Heights (5th Floor)
7/A/1, Zakir Hossain Road, South Khulshi, Chattogram – 4225

You can also click on this link to find the Google Map location of Bproperty in Chattogram!

Services will be available

Real estate service
Find the best real estate service of the country

Any citizen of Chattogram can enjoy all of Bproperty’s services since the office opened on 19th November 2019. Among the services available, there is:

  • Property buying, selling, renting and letting
  • Property viewing
  • Home loan advice
  • Legal counseling & support regarding real estate

Meaning, any and all support a person might need to buy, sell, let, or rent a property can be found here – as a comprehensive and internationally-standard should be! is committed to introducing the citizens of greater Chattogram a new way to conduct real estate transactions. If you have any concerns regarding real estate aspects or need support, just come over to Bproperty in Chattogram and you’ll find all your answers from our property experts. To know more, visit our website or call us at 09612110011.

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