Bangabandhu Bridge

This multipurpose bridge was constructed back in 1998. Commonly known as Jamuna Bridge, it happened to be the world’s 11th longest bridge at the time of its construction and currently, it holds the 6th position. Located on the Asian and Trans-Asian highways, this gigantic structure provides international road and railway links across Southeast Asia through Central Asia to Northwest Europe.

Because of its strategic link between the eastern and western parts of Bangladesh, it promotes inter-regional trade of goods, transmission of electricity, natural gas, integration of telecommunication links and also allows passenger traffic by road and rail.

The structure was constructed by Hyundai Engineering & Construction and about 15,000 people worked over the span of four years to build the bridge. The total cost of the bridge was a little more than seven hundred million US dollars.

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

Located over the Rupsha River, this bridge is known as the gateway of Khulna because of the connectivity that it provides between the Southern districts with the second largest sea port of Bangladesh, Mongla. Khan Jahan Ali bridge is the third longest bridge of the nation with a total length of 1.36 km. The work on this project started in May 2001 and the bridge was inaugurated in 2005. The total cost of constructing this bridge was approximately Tk 724.15 crore.

Keane Bridge

Located over the Surma River, this bridge is rich with historical significance because it symbolizes the time of English rule. The structure was built in 1936 and named after the English Governor of Assam, Sir Michael Keane. At the time of the Bangladesh Liberation War, the bridge was blown off with dynamites by the Pakistani Army. Thankfully, reparation took place in 1997. It cost about Tk 5.6 million during the time it was constructed.

If you happen to visit the bridge, don’t forget to visit nearby tourist spots such as the Museum of Rajas, Mazar of Shahjalal and Shah Poran, Gaur Govinda Fort, etc.


Shah Amanat Bridge

Located in the second largest city of the nation, Chattogram, Shah Amanat Bridge is the first major cable-stayed bridge in the country. It is also situated along the busiest highway of the country which connects the southern parts of Cox’s Bazaar and Bandarban.

In total, it cost about Tk 590 crore to build the bridge. Construction started in August 2006 and the inauguration took place on September 8, 2010. The design was worked out by High-Point Rendel Limited, appointed by a Chinese company who handled the construction of the bridge, China Major Bridge Engineering Company.

Lalon Shah Bridge

Locally known as Paksey Bridge, this massive structure is the second longest road bridge of the nation with a total length of 1.8 km. The bridge takes after the name of the renowned early 19th century mystic poet Lalon Shah. The inauguration of the bridge took place in 2004. The construction was done by a Chinese company named China Major Bridge Engineering Company who assigned Rendel Palmer and Tritton to do the design of the structure.

Lalon Shah Bridge allows prominent road connections to South of Khulna district’s Mongla port from the Northern part, specifically from Rajshahi and Rangpur.

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