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Kitchen is the busiest room of the house during Eid-ul-Adha. Compared to any other room of the house, the kitchen stays occupied the most during this holy day. From cutting the meat to distribution, to cooking delicious meals for our loved ones, everything takes place in the kitchen. However, if this kitchen space is not decorated according to your preference, then the special day can turn into a stressful one. So this Qurbani Eid, we have listed down some budget friendly kitchen renovation ideas for you to choose from. 

Add Variation to your Walls

Eid means celebration. And on a day like this, the walls of your kitchen should not look sticky or dull. Cooking is an art, and a kitchen like this wouldn’t even inspire professional artists to cook their hearts out. As one of the budget friendly kitchen renovation ideas, you can paint the walls of your kitchen according to your preference. But do avoid the common mistakes people make while choosing the color of their homes. You can add a contrast in your kitchen by using different colors of paint. Although, painting the entire kitchen might not be a budget-friendly option for many of us. So to add some color into your kitchen you can use colorful wallpapers or stickers. You can also paint the cabinets of your kitchen to bring a pop of color.  

Use Pegboards 

You can’t even imagine the amount of storage a pegboard can save in your kitchen. You wouldn’t need any separate cabin or drawer to install a pegboard. This is one of the budget friendly kitchen renovation ideas as well. Specially for rental homes, this could be the ideal option for you to add up some storage in your kitchen. From knives, spoons to any kind of everyday kitchen essentials, you can hang everything on a pegboard. As things will be hanging in front of your eyes, you won’t have to look for them in drawers. Pegboards will help you save a lot of space as well in your kitchen. 

Add Folding Chairs

Many of us don’t feel comfortable standing up for long periods of time. To solve this issue, if you have space in your kitchen then you can add folding chairs. As you can fold these chairs after you are done, they don’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen. If you are looking for budget friendly kitchen renovation ideas, then you simply can’t skip this one. You will find many budget friendly folding chairs in the market. The best part is that, after you are done with your work in the kitchen, you can keep the chair as a relaxing seater in your balcony or living room.

Install an Exhaust Fan

No matter how your kitchen interior is, the lack of proper ventilation and light can make the cooking process stressful. An exhaust fan could be a game changer in this regard. On a day like Eid-ul-Adha, when you are constantly busy in the kitchen, an exhaust fan can help keep the kitchen non-sticky. So, if you still don’t have an exhaust fan in your kitchen, now is the time to get one.  

Add Cabinets or Shelves 

If everything in the kitchen is scattered during Eid, it looks very ugly. By doing this, you have to feel hesitant even in front of the guests. So, use budget friendly shelves or different types of cabinets to keep everything in the kitchen tidy. Divide these shelves or cabinets as needed and plan ahead for what to put in each cabinet. For example, keep valuable crockery, which is less used, on top. You can keep everyday utensils in a stainless steel drawer or in a cabinet drawer. Arrange some open cabinets next to the stove or burner stove to store spices and other useful utensils.

Design the kitchen according to height 

One of the things we must keep in mind during kitchen renovation is the height of the user. Since during Eid-ul-adha there is a lot of work to be done in the kitchen, including cutting, washing, cleaning, cooking, so if the height is not right, it becomes very difficult for the user to work in the kitchen for a long time. So throughout the kitchen, including kitchen island, kitchen burner, kitchen hood, sink, it is important to have a balance between the height of the user and his utensils. This will allow the user to work comfortably and with ease. 

In addition, budget kitchens are an easy way to renovate modern kitchens. You can also get your kitchen renovated by following today’s tips.

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