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Owning your own home is a dream for most people; while years of renting offers great flexibility and mobility there comes a time when answering to a landlord becomes tiring. After starting to search for properties you quickly realize that the option of building a house has many benefits, however, buying a house is still the favored option.

Building from scratch

The key advantage of starting from a mere plot and building upward is the control you maintain over the budget and the ability to tailor-make the house to your specific preferences. No one family is the same and having to mold your family to suit a pre-built house can be frustrating. It sometimes feels like you are a guest in your own home, but with a house designed entirely to match your needs, this need not be a concern.

However, the construction process is extremely time-consuming, building approvals need to be acquired and each step will demand supervision and input. Set aside at least 14 months for the entire building process as delays are inevitable but the wait will surely be worth it when you finally have the perfect home. It might sound like a basic thing but being the very first person to live in a house is something special, the new home smell has a unique appeal.

When building a house you need to be shrewd with how you spend. Sourcing building materials is one area where you can save money but you need to be careful. Handmade cement blocks or hollow blocks can sometimes crumble as some builders will use the incorrect ratio of sand to cement. In terms of fittings, you could save money buying cheaper Chinese imports but it is recommended that Japanese or European fittings should be invested in especially for water pumps, pressure tanks, faucets, and refrigerators.

Buying a house

Naturally buying a house can offer two unique benefits: convenience and cost. With sites like Bproperty, it is a lot easier than before to find a good house for a fair price. Once you get your mortgage approved you can start searching. The search for the ideal place takes considerable time as indeed will the negotiation process but once it’s done you can move in virtually immediately and this appeals to the majority of buyers. Some people find working from blueprints too much to imagine what a place will end up looking like so buying a constructed house is the only option, at least you know what you are getting.

Despite these advantages, the vulnerability of buying a pre-owned house is that as time goes by you will notice things you don’t like about it, things that weren’t immediately obvious at the start. Additionally, repairs and remodeling will add up to considerable additional expenses and should be factored into the overall price.

The choice to buy or to build is one that needs to be researched. In certain countries, it can be quite onerous to get planning permission and materials and labor may be very expensive so a lot depends on the location where you intend on constructing. It cannot be denied, though, that bringing a plan to life from scratch is something incredible but it may be just a pipe dream for most.

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