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When it comes to holidays, we all have our preferences. Some people love discovering previously unexplored parts of their own country, while others prefer to go further afield for their adventures.

Whatever your preference, one thing’s for sure, you’ll need to find some great accommodation. Will you choose to stay in a hotel, or will you choose a private residence? When we want to travel and spend time with our loved ones, there is nothing better than sharing a house or apartment rather than a room in an impersonal resort.

Were you thinking about buying a dream holiday two-bedroom apartment? We would recommend one of the Central or Southeast Asian countries. You can keep coming back to your “home away from home” for unforgettable holidays year after year.


This country and its long history are not the most well-known in Asia, but they’re far from being the least interesting. With its ancient temples that have been around for thousands of years, its wild vegetation, the world’s largest mangrove and its endless white sandy beaches, Bangladesh is perfect for nature lovers or spiritual people. Although the country has the highest population density in the world, many areas are really quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of the big towns.

Average price of a two bedroom apartment in Bangladesh: 48,000 €


Formerly an isolated country, Myanmar began its transformation a few years ago and has quickly become a trendy holiday destination. The tourism industry has just started to boom, and many visitors enjoy touring around this beautiful country. For those who want to get to know this land better, you can now buy an apartment and then come back to it from time to time (or for every holiday).

Each time you return, you can explore a new part of the country. As soon as you visit, you will want to come back over and over again. It’s impossible to get tired of the kindness of the people, the thousands and thousands of temples or magical white-sand beaches that Myanmar has to offer.

Average price of a two-bedroom apartment in Myanmar: 124,100 €


A country that is steeped in history, Pakistan is nowadays quite unfamiliar to most people. However, the diversity of the country’s natural landscapes will surely appeal to hikers and lovers of high altitudes. So why not have a home base in Pakistan so that you can rest after an excursion to one of the highest mountain summits in the world? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to explore this country’s rich history while relaxing in the comfort of your own place?

Average price of a two-bedroom apartment in Pakistan: 47,850 €


The amazing archipelago of Indonesia is famous for unforgettable holidays. Now, who would not love to have a place of their own in one of the 17,000 marvelous Indonesian islands? The archipelago has everything you need for a wonderful break: pristine nature, numerous rich cultures and universally renowned surfing spots.

Are you looking to make a nice return on investment in Asia? It’s now or never; the demand is always growing and the economy is developing exponentially.

Average price of a two-bedroom apartment in Indonesia: 47,800 €

The Philippines

Despite being in the center of Southeast Asia, the Philippines are quite different from other neighboring countries. The islands remain one of the most beautiful and welcoming places in the world. If you are a fan of the outdoors, the range of different activities available in this country is extraordinary.

Just imagine owning an apartment near one of the gorgeous sandy beaches, coming back with friends as often as possible, to enjoy all that these islands have to offer.

Average price of a two-bedroom apartment in the Philippines: 92,719 €

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