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Slim, slick, and stylish wooden furniture are currently in vogue. Of the many variances, there are aluminum, MDF board, or steel made furniture. However, in the case of furniture, wood is still the top choice. But with the evolution of time and daily use, the furniture gets stained or destroyed by pests. In many cases, the furniture becomes dirty. Knowing the tips suggested in this blog can make your furniture look like new, and you can easily take proper care of your wooden furniture.

The decoration of the house is enhanced by the aristocratic design of the different types of wooden furniture. Although the price is high, many people tend to buy wooden furniture because it is more durable. Wooden furniture is tasteful and full of design at the same time. All the exclusive designs of Bengal are carefully engraved on the wooden furniture. How can you not buy them seeing such gorgeous designs? Our home furniture should, therefore, be a long-term investment.

There are several essential things to consider when buying home furniture. We should purchase furniture that will last a long time. And there is no comparison of wooden furniture in terms of durability. One of the more imperative ways to make these pieces of furniture last longer, other than the quality of the wood, is to take proper care of the wooden furniture. With regular care, these pieces of furniture will last an extended period of time. Let’s now learn how to take proper care of wooden furniture.

Wooden chair and table
Polishing your wooden furniture regularly can make them look new and damp-free

Keep them dust-free

The first thing you must do is fix a time of the day for cleaning. Every day the dust on the furniture should be wiped with a dry soft cotton cloth. This will prevent dust from accumulating on the wooden furniture. Dust on furniture for a long time can grow germs or bacteria, which can damage the wood. Even wood polish can be ruined. Furniture should be kept away from the sun or rain. Otherwise, the color of the furniture can be distorted. To avoid such a situation, use heavy curtains on the windows of the house. Home decor curtains can work quite nicely. This is how, by keeping them dust-free, you can take proper care of your wooden furniture.

Remove heat stains

Dining tables are regularly used among different kinds of wooden furniture. Maybe you are using the dining table fairly periodically, but every time you’re keeping broth, water, or hot food on the table. In such cases, the appearance of the furniture noticeably changes in a short period. One of the causes of this problem is heat stains. The way to overcome it is quite simple: mix toothpaste and baking soda. If you rub this mix on the stain, you will see that the stain has vanished. Also, rub with lemon juice on a soft cloth to remove stains or spots on the table. If you wipe it lightly, you will see that the stain has disappeared.

Polish in a homely manner

To restore the luster of wood furniture, mix olive oil and lemon juice. You can wipe the furniture with the mixture and you will see that the furniture is shining like brand new. Mixing 1 cup of olive oil and a 1/4 cup of white vinegar is the right formula. Then pour this mixture on a soft cloth and wipe your furniture firmly with it.  Your furniture will be glittering for a long time. In addition, as a weekly rule, soak a cloth with some shampoo and squeeze well, make sure there is no excess water, and wipe. Wiping the furniture with oil will make it look quite shiny and attractive. Soak two tea bags in a cup of hot water for a while. Then dampen a clean cloth in that water and wipe the furniture with it. It will give the furniture a new vibe.

Ways to remove water stains

Wooden furniture
Wooden furniture needs high care for maintaining its long-term durability

If you put something with liquid directly on the wooden furniture, whether it’s hot or cold, a stain will form in no time. Use mats to put something on the table. Mats help to make the furniture more durable. Even when placing table lamps on wooden furniture, use table mats. Because if you get a stain on your beautiful wooden furniture, the furniture gets damaged. Apply toothpaste on the spot (if it is a gel, it will not work; you need paste.)  After that, remove the stain by rubbing with a soft cloth. To wipe the toothpaste, again, use a damp handkerchief or towel.

Furniture ink or other hard stain removal method

Make a mixture with one tablespoon of baking soda and water. Apply it on the stain, then wipe the stain with a soft cloth. Then wipe it with a damp cloth, then with a dry cloth to absorb the moisture. You will see the stain is eradicated without hampering the wooden furniture. Always remove stains to take proper care of your wooden furniture.

Taking proper care of your wooden furniture is not difficult. Just notice and clean regularly. Only then can we get rid of many problems.

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