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Want to turn your house into a cozy space? Then there is no substitute for carpets in your home decor. The use of carpets in home decoration has been going on for ages. If you choose the right carpet, it can make your house feel warm and cozy. Just like a home should be. But all these feelings of coziness and warmth can fade away quickly if the carpet is not taken care of properly. You know exactly what I am talking about if you have ever spilled something on the carpet. Luckily there are some amazing carpet cleaning tips that you can apply to remove a stain or maintain your carpet properly.

a man cleaning
Cleaning a carpet can become really challenging if you don’t know these useful tips

Lint roller

Cleaning a carpet is a strenuous job. It takes extra effort to clean long-hair carpets. Even if you try with a vacuum cleaner, the sticky dirt that is stuck in the hair does not seem to go away. In such a situation an effective carpet cleaning tip is to use a lint roller to remove all stubborn dirt from the roots. But be careful, depending on the carpet type, you might not want to use it for long otherwise it can damage the carpet. For example, using a lint roller on a woolen carpet can ruin the material.

Use an Iron

Want to learn one of the niftiest carpet cleaning tips? It involves the use of an iron to remove stains. It is a 3 step process. First, clean the stained area with a vacuum cleaner. That will remove all the hard particles. Next, use a mixture of water and vinegar at a ratio of 3:1 and treat the spots. Wait for five minutes. Then place a cloth over the stained area and place a heated iron on top of it. Hold it for a while. The pressure will cause the stain to transfer onto the cloth.

Don’t rub, blot instead

a woman using a sponge
Blot the stains instead of rubbing them

Everyone has a tendency to rub dust and dirt away. We do it when polishing shoes, doing the dishes, removing stains from clothes, but you should not do that with carpets. There is a possibility that if you rub, the stain will spread more. So you need to be extra careful when cleaning a carpet. One of the most useful carpet cleaning hacks is not to rub but to always blot. Use a sponge to absorb the stain. Also, pay extra attention to the direction you are blotting in. Blotting inward from the outside of the stain will help you prevent further spread. Using it randomly can permanently damage the fiber of the carpet.

Baking soda

Nothing is more frustrating than removing oily stains from a carpet. Water doesn’t really help. You need a special way to extract the oil from the carpet. In that regard, baking soda has proven to be one of the most effective carpet cleaning tips for removing oily stains. Use baking soda on the oil stains. After a while, baking soda will absorb the oil and stain and leave a somewhat dry crust. Which you can easily clean with a vacuum cleaner later.

Kosher salt

Another one of the easiest carpet cleaning hacks is to use kosher salt. Apply the salt liberally on the stained area of the carpet. Take a stiff brush and rub the carpet with it. Rub in the same direction as the carpet is weaved. If it is a woolen carpet that you are cleaning, be careful, rub gently otherwise it can permanently damage the carpet. Do this routinely for better maintenance.

Vinegar, lemon juice, and ammonia

Using vinegar, lemon juice, and ammonia is considered amongst the simplest carpet cleaning tips. It is the most effective against food stains. When food falls on the carpet, pick it up and spread vinegar or lemon juice on the stained area. Now rub it with soapy water and wipe down the area with a clean cloth soaked in ammonia. When dried, apply a deodorizer to rid it of the odor.

Carpets are amazing and almost everyone likes them unless they have gorgeous flooring. They come in different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. Therefore, the cleaning process may not be the same for every carpet. That is why before applying any cleaning solution first, check if it damages the carpet or not, then act accordingly.

Do you know any carpet cleaning hacks that you want to share with us? Feel free to leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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