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The year 2020 has brought so many changes in our lives. We have stayed at home to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe. We have learned so many things about ourselves and we are still learning. We realized, there is not much that you need to live comfortably and happily if we have our loved ones next to us. We celebrated Pôhela Boishakh and Ramadan from home, and work from home was also quite a success. Now as the holy month of Ramadan has come to an end, it’s time to prepare for an exceptional EID celebration from home as well. There is a lot that you can do to prepare for the end of Ramadan and celebrate EID exceptionally with your family.

Help The Helpless

A man lying down on a van
Help those who are in need

This EID can be the most exceptional EID of your life if you want. As we are not going out and buying anything without any need, a substantial amount of money is being saved. Why not stand by the helpless with that money. You can provide them with enough food or you can cook a little extra so that they can celebrate EID with joy and happiness. A little bit of your effort can really put a smile on their faces and in effect, they can celebrate EID exceptionally as well. 

Cook Everyone’s Favorite Food

Egg curry
make preparing everyone’s favorite food a part of the celebration

Why not start your EID day with delicious dishes. There are hundreds of amazing recipes to make the day more special. Cook everyone’s favorite food. After a month of fasting and worshiping, EID is when we finally get the chance to sit together with our family and enjoy all the delicious dishes. Some people like rich food and for some, white rice and lentil soup are enough to make them happy. Kick start your day with appetizing sweets before prayers and enjoy mouth-watering dishes with the family after.

Decorate Your Home

interior design of a house
decorating your home is the ultimate celebration hack for Eid

Give your house a new look. You don’t have to do much, change the covers of your sofa or you can just change the cushion cover if you want. If you have done this already, you can use a carpet or rug on the floor to bring out the EID mood. There is another small thing that you can do to uplift the vibe: change the flowers in the vase. If you want, you can put artificial flower plants in different corners of the house. You can surround a corner of your living room with greenery. You can also leave green plants scattered on the floor. This way, you can change the ambiance of the entire house in a very short time. If the house is a bit difficult to renovate, breathe new life into your home with simple decoration hacks. The interior of the house can be completely changed with the magic of decoration!

Get Dressed

people having salad on a table
get dressed and make time for everyone in the family

Home decoration is finished, food preparations are done. The only thing that is left is getting yourself ready for the day! Dress yourself up to enjoy the afternoon with your loved ones. Now is the time to wear a sari, panjabi, and dress anew as the opportunity for such an outfit is limited. You can spend a nice time with your family on the balcony as well. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to the people living next door! Take lots of pictures together, don’t forget to frame the memories. You can play Ludu or any indoor games you like or watch movies or dramas together. Also, communicating with your loved ones via video calls would be another great idea to share happiness.

Arrange A Henna Party

a girl is showing henna on her hand
Henna parties are an old tradition and should not be excluded from the Eid preparation

How can the henna party be excluded from the exceptional Eid arrangements? Henna parties are an old tradition. To keep it going, girls of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, wear henna the night before Eid. Wearing mehendi is one of the beautiful ways to celebrate EID exceptionally with friends and family. Most people buy mehendi tubes in the town but the scenario in the village is a bit different. Mehendi leaves are collected from the trees and blended smoothly for application. The darker the color, the more beautiful the hand will look.

These are some ideas to celebrate EID exceptionally in 2020. I hope you stay safe and sound with your family; EID Mobarak in advance!

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