Once a year, Durga Puja is widely celebrated all around the country with a lot of fervor and joy since it is the largest Hindu festival in our country. Hinduism is practiced by approximately 8.5% of our current population which is almost 18 million people.  After India and Nepal, Bangladesh is home to the highest number of Hindus in the world which is why it is given so much importance.

According to Hindu scriptures, Durga Puja takes place according to the moon’s movement. It will start with the incarnation of the Goddess Durga on October 16 marking Maha Saptami, followed by Durgastami, Navami and ending with the immersion of idols of the Durga goddess which is carried out in a grand procession in nearby lakes and water bodies on Bijoy Dashami.

To get into the spirit of festivity, we have decided to list down the most happening places where you can spend time with your loved ones in this spiritual event!

Banani Puja Mandap

Every year, this mandap is decorated in an extravagant fashion. Temporary shrines are made by local organizers. Hundreds of people show up in their newly bought attires. Various idols of deities can be seen since it is one of the biggest mandaps in Dhaka. Pretty lights cover up the entire place, adding a scenic picture to the environment filled with prayers, prosperity and devotees.

Dhakeshwari Temple

This temple is considered to be the national temple of Bangladesh. Even though it’s not as large as other mandaps, the occasion is celebrated in a grand manner. Celebrities and other important personalities show up here in order to acknowledge and honor the event. Durga puja is not only memorialized by the Hindu community; people from different religions show up and mark the occasion by showing their unity and multicultural sides together.

Shankhari Bazaar

Different types of shrines with various themes are displayed. Mandaps and pandals are decorated with flowers, garlands, artworks, and idols are created with extra attention. More than 300 temporary mandaps are constructed all over the country excluding the already present 30,000 temples.  Because it’s situated in Old Dhaka, one of the largest crowds can be seen in Shankhari Bazaar.

Other makeshift temples and pandals can be found at Siddheshwari, Jagannath Hall, Ramna Kaali Mandir, Farmgate and Basabo.

Enjoy this festive season to the fullest!

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