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Did you know that the city we know today as Chattogram, was once called Harikela? Today, we will be discussing the illustrious history of this 2500 year old city. What is there? What does it look like? I’ll be answering all these questions. Nature’s various beauties, including serene hills, magnificent rivers, lush forests, the vast seas, and flatlands – Chattogram has it all. Get ready to explore the OliGolis of the magnificent Chattogram Port City.


Rupali Guitar Statue
The Rupali Guitar Statue made in memory of legendary rockstar Ayub Bacchu

When you roam around the beautiful city, the first place you will notice is Probortok Circle. Some speculate that the circle got its name for being a hotbed of the anti-colonial revolution that took place during the British Raj. The circle is also enshrined by a fountain in the middle, topped with a silver statue modeled after the ‘Rupali Guitar’ of rock legend Ayub Bacchu. The statue was made to honor his memory, and to celebrate his achievements in the field of music. Viewing the statue for some time would make you feel as if Ayub Bacchu’s legendary rock ballads might ring out of the corner at any moment. However, exploring Chattogram is not just limited to these places. There are many more beautiful places to visit in Chattogram.


Shah Amanat Bridge
The Shah Amanat Bridge built on the Karnaphuli River

The scenic Karnaphuli river along the outskirts of the city will make you think that the Thames of London or the Ganges of Banaras does not hold a candle to the marvel that is Karnaphuli. The natural beauty of our nation is unlike any other. However, traversing the rivers of our country has been a challenge. Which makes the bridges of our country a vital part of the transport system. Construction of the Karnaphuli Bridge on the river has made travel to and from Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar a whole lot easier. Originally, there were plans to build a wooden jetty on the shores of the river during British rule. That small wooden jetty blossomed into the Chattogram Port City.

As time progressed, the city grew economically as the port grew busier. Huge cargo ships carrying all sorts of goods come in and out of the port regularly. After all, this is the first, and the largest, seaport in the country. If you wander a bit further from the bridge, you will stumble upon the Abhoy Mitra Ghat. Once you enter this place, you’ll never want to leave. This place has everything for enjoyment- an underground tunnel, ships, and the famous sampan boat.


Dried Fish Market
Chattogram’s famous Dried Fishes

Any visit to Chattogram is incomplete if you haven’t visited the famous fish markets of the Port City. These markets sell seafish straight from the oceans overlooking this beautiful city. Head over to Firingi Bazar, where there is a hundred year old fish market selling all kinds of fresh sea fish. The fishermen who’ve set up shop over here have been in the business for generations. Beware of the prices though, and explore the whole market before deciding on your purchase. Don’t let them make a fool out of you just because you are a tourist.

A Restaurant
A Restaurant in Chattogram

Chattogram Port City is home to some of the finest cuisines, rich with tradition. The restaurants of Chattogram, both traditional and modern, are crowd favourites. The Mezbani Beef, Mutton Leg Stew, and many other traditional dishes are part of the local cuisine of the city. Try out any local restaurant to get a taste of the oh-so-tasty famed Chattogram cuisine. Those who think that only the Old Dhaka Biryani is king would be wrong. Food here in Chattogram can put up a fight with the best of Dhaka. The whole city is littered with restaurants serving fantastic food. The salivating food offered by Chattogram will make a trip to the Port City absolutely worth it.

The ocean
The beautiful seas of Chattogram

The Port City might seem like a never-ending maze of places to visit, but there is still a lot more to see outside of Chattogram Port City. Just by travelling a little bit away from the city, you will find breathtaking sights such as the Naval Beach, Patenga, and Butterfly Park. In the OliGoli YouTube Playlist, you will find vlogs that take you through an intimate tour of the city. They will show you things to do around the city and the must-visit places in Chattogram. Be sure to check the vlogs out if you want to know more.

Chattogram has an abundance of family-friendly places and the city is also very clean as well as organized. Maybe that is why so many people look to move and find a home in Chattogram. The busy ports of the city might seem hectic at times, but there is no end to the beauty of this city. Surrounded by lush hills and forests, the Chattogram Port City is a must-visit for all travellers. All in all, the city has managed to uphold its traditions and language. While roaming around the city, you will be greeted by a cacophony of Maizbhandari and Kabiyal songs. Furthermore, the ancient remains of the Sultanate era are also a sight to behold. Do let us know what you think of today’s OliGoli vlog in the comments below. 

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