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Chattogram is a land of enthralling beauty. The city is full of eye-catching sights, starting from the breathtaking view of mountains, to the tranquil and peaceful lakes, to huge rivers and the wide open sea. There are several historical landmarks to visit in Chattogram! It is simply a small slice of heaven. It is also a great hub for foodies and everyone should definitely pay a visit to the awesome Chattogram restaurants at least once in their lives. Currently more people stay in Chattogram, compared to prior years. This busy city of ports has been witnessing development activities at a rapid pace and as a result, residential and commercial real estate demand spiked over the years. In spite of the way nature has taken care of this land, it still requires proper planning and implementation in order to ensure long-term development. Major steps should be taken in the right direction to ensure appropriate development, since the Chattogram real estate sector holds the prospects to infinite possibilities. If you are interested in getting more insights on the Chattogram real estate scenario, spare a few minutes to read this article. 

Chattogram Real Estate Scenario 

The real estate sector in Chattogram is very promising

If there is any city after Dhaka which has developed at an immense real estate scale, then it has to have been Chattogram. It is quite common to notice structures ranging from luxurious villas to high rise residential apartments and commercial buildings in Chattogram. More than 50 real estate companies enlisted under the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) have widespread established activities in Chattogram. Besides, through the REHAB fairs in Chattogram over the years, an impressive level of response has been generated from people which is morphing the Chattogram real estate scenario. 

Some of the developed areas in Chattogram are Khulshi, Nasirabad Housing Society, GEC circle, surrounded by areas like Mehedibag, Jamal Khan, Lalkhan Bazar, Agrabad, Halishahar and  Panchlaish. You will find plenty of posh residential and commercial apartments in these areas. Moreover, there are some land projects as well at the outskirts of the city. Areas like Pahartali, Kattali, Bakalia, Muradpur, Olongkar, Sagorika Road, and Bibir Haat accommodate large numbers of people in spite of dealing with unplanned urbanization. The commercial zone of Chattogram covers areas like O. R. Nizam Road, Muradpur, GEC circle, Agrabad, 2 no. gate, Bayazid, Textile gate and Oxygen road.

Types of Properties Customers Prefer

Customers will find well-furnished houses in their preferable areas

Buying a property is a huge deal in Bangladesh and depends on several variables and preference issues, primarily location. One of the majestic places in Chattogram is Khulshi. Anyone with enough much to spend would primarily go for a place in Khulshi. Apart from this area, apartments in Agrabad, Shugondha, Jamal Khan, Colonel Hat, Katalganj, and Mehedibag generally have high demand.

The next thing one needs to deal with after location, is the size of a property. According to Bproperty’s database, customers usually search for 3 bedroom apartments within 1000 to 1500 square feet. Moreover, if you want to dig deep into the Chattogram real estate scenario, then you will also find apartments ranging from 900 to over 2500 square feet.

Customers also emphasize on available facilities and generally have queries on how close the property is to the main road, how strong the communication network is, and how much common space the apartment offers, etc. They should also research into the background of developers, their market reputation, other clients’ feedback, and the quality of materials used during construction.

Presence of Bproperty

Bproperty Chattogram
Bproperty’s Office in Chattogram

It is quite impossible to imagine that the best property solutions provider of the country, Bproperty, would miss out on having its presence in a city of such endless possibilities. In 2019, on the 19th of November Bproperty opened a new office in Chattogram, located in the highly sought after Khulshi area. 

Rubeya Heights, 3rd Floor, Road-03, Zakir Hossain Road, South Khulshi Chattogram, 7/A/1, Chattogram, Chattogram 4000, Bangladesh.

If you are interested to avail any real estate services in Chattogram, then you should head over to the Bproperty office at the above-stated address. 

Exclusive Projects of Bproperty in Chattogram 

Considering the entire Chattogram real estate scenario, this article highlights four major exclusive projects of Bproperty in Chattogram- 

M F Tower

Location: Colonel Hat
Unit Size: 978 to 1624 square feet
Price: BDT 4,269,700 to 7,127,600
Property Type: Residential
For further details on M F Tower, click here.


Location: Jamal Khan Road
Unit Size: 1470 to 1655  square feet
Price: BDT 4,269,700 to 23,170,000
Property Type: Residential and Commercial
For further details on Helianthus, click here


Location: Katalgonj
Unit Size: 1396 to 1700 square feet
Price: BDT  8,155,250 to 9,665,000
Property Type: Residential
For further details on Swapnanchya, click here.

Pool View

Location: South Agrabad
Unit Size: 1288 to 1597 square feet
Price: BDT 5,901,200 to 7,029,050
Property Type: Residential
For further details on Pool View, click here.  

This article tried to project the Chattogram real estate scenario through discussing major issues in the light of current and future prospects. As the only property solutions provider in Bangladesh, Bproperty addresses the concerns of respective clients in areas where it has set its footprints. 

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