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While owning a property is a dream for many, not everyone, yet, has the ability to do so. As a result, renting is the next best option available. But the road to renting a property in Bangladesh is filled with mistakes that need to be avoided. So how does one avoid these mistakes? By knowing what to look out for as well as keeping track of important things necessary for a wonderful home life. Previously, we brought you a checklist to follow when buying property in Bangladesh; similarly, today we are here with a checklist for renting flats in Bangladesh.

1. Utility Connection

lit bulb in a dark room
Newly constructed buildings in Dhaka don’t receive a gas connection

This is one of the first things that should be on your rental checklist for renting flats in Bangladesh. As you probably know, there are certain restrictions to utility connections in different areas, especially for newer buildings. Ask the landlord if the property has a gas connection and if there’s any particular schedule for water disbursement. An uninterrupted utility connection is very important for hassle-free living,

2. Rental Agreement

After utility connections, you need to make sure a rental agreement is created. It is your right as a tenant and should be provided by the landlord. The rental agreement is a written contract between a landlord and a tenant and can be upheld in a court of law. It contains a number of elements and conditions, such as-

Rent Schedule:
This is the schedule for rent payment. Some landlords want the rent to be paid on the first day of the month and some on the first week. It varies a lot and should be negotiated based on when your income is received.

Advance: A common practice in Bangladesh is to provide a certain amount of rent in advance which can be equivalent to a few months’ rent. While the Premises Rent Control Act, 1991 states that only one month’s rent can be taken as an advance, many landlords, unfortunately, don’t follow the rule.

Rent Increase: Increasing rent periodically is another common practice in Bangladesh. This increase varies from 500 BDT to even 5000 BDT for some properties. So it is imperative to ask the landlord before you rent if and when they’ll increase the rent as well as by how much.

3. Notice Period

The next thing in your checklist for renting flats should be to find out about notice periods. Even if you are unsure whether buying or renting a property is right for you, rental flats tend to be temporary housing solutions. People usually stay at rental properties for a few years at most. So, find out how much in advance you need to give notice before moving out

4. Repairs

repair tools on a table
The repair cost is often taken reimbursed by the landlord

Here’s an aspect that should be included in the rental agreement but often isn’t. Almost all landlords repair any broken or damaged things in the property before a new tenant moves in. This is a common practice by landlords to improve the attractiveness of their property. But discuss what course of action is to be taken when something breaks after moving in. For example, if a toilet breaks, is it the landlord or the tenant who will repair it?

5. Service Charge

Aside from rent and utility bills, there are a few additional charges that most tenants must pay. However, those charges also vary from building to building, depending on the number of facilities it has. Some buildings have 24/7 security and generator backup, while some have no such facilities. Even if there’s no fixed service charge for the building, ask the landlord for an average to understand what to expect.

6. Facilities

Speaking of facilities; make sure to understand every facility present at the property. You don’t want any surprises after moving in. Besides, knowing what the facilities are will also help you decide whether the property is right for you or not. Facilities, after all, can greatly impact your quality of life. Check if there’s something they have planned for the future and what that might cost you.

7. Safety and Security

top view of a fire extinguisher
Every building needs to be equipped with ample safety items

One of the biggest aspects of a property’s facility is how safe is it. Does it have a comprehensive security system or proper fire safety equipment to make it a safe building? Then there are always things you can do to make you safer. Ask the landlord what sort of permission you have to implement security measures yourself.

8. Rules and Regulations

Don’t forget to add ‘ask about the rules and regulations’ to your checklist for renting flats. A tenant must follow a lot of rules that often don’t apply to homeowners. Things like access to the roof, main-gate lock time, and making noise usually fall under the purview of apartment rules and regulations. Ask the landlord what they are so as to not get accidentally evicted.

9. Broadband and Cable Connection

We live in a digital age where living without internet access seems unfathomable. As such, having an internet connection has become a compulsory aspect when moving into a new place. Check whether there is any regulation or fixed ISP for the building before moving in. Same goes for a cable TV connection.

10. Cooperative Community

people shwoing hands
Working together makes everything easier for all

There are a lot of benefits to living in a cooperative community.  It not only makes living more enjoyable but also safer and more convenient. Residents of numerous buildings have adopted this mentality, but some have not. Ask if the place has such an established community or not. And if no, is there a possibility of creating one in the near future.

11. Waterlogging

The last, but not least, item in your checklist for renting flats in Bangladesh should be whether the building becomes waterlogged or not. There are only a handful of areas in Dhaka that don’t flood when it rains. But there are a few places within other areas that are safe from waterlogging. Check the conditions in the area you are looking at.

There you go! A complete checklist for renting flats in Bangladesh. Just follow this and you’ll be on your way to a wonderful living experience. And if you want to experience a convenient and revolutionary rental experience, just contact Bproperty for their impeccable rental service.

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