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If you’ve hired a truck and plan to do most of the moving yourself, it pays to come prepared.

Here are some basic supplies for DIY packing and moving to get you started.

What you will need:

·         Cardboard boxes in a range of sizes

·         Wardrobe boxes for protecting clothing such as suits and formal attire

·         Cardboard to separate items in boxes or protect wooden floors

·         Packing tape to close the boxes

·         Bubble wrap to protect glassware and valuables

·         Rubber bands to secure closet or cabinet doors

·         Old newspaper or wrapping paper for covering belongings to prevent damage

·         A permanent marker to label the boxes

·         A trolley or hand truck to move heavy items up and down stairs

·         Blankets to protect items from damage once in the truck

·         A box cutter or razor blade for opening the boxes are your new home


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